Apple and cranberry jelly and a plea for help

Apple & Elderberry JellyThis weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is: Achievement & this is what they said:Have you just run 26.2 miles, finished a long-term project, or met a personal goal? This week, show us an achievement....more

How to Can Jam at Home

Try as I might, I've never been able to make enough jam in one season to outlast the year—and my kids' appetites. Prepping several batches of all our favorite types—Strawberry, Blueberry, Wild Black Raspberry and Cherry—each year has become a family tradition, almost as much as eating a dollop of home canned jam on everything from vanilla ice cream to Sunday morning waffles—and I'm honestly not sure which is more beloved. ...more
@Diana That's true! I think sometimes we get deterred because of the fear of wasting food when ...more

Talking Shop: Jamming With Pectin

Okay, so I’m not even going to lie, nobody asked me about this topic.  I was curious....more

Kat’s Easiest Appetizer (Ever) – Baked Brie

We’ve never been a family that traditionally has appetizers on Thanksgiving. We usually put out a pupu platter of olives, pickles and baby corn to let people graze before the main feast....more

On Marmalade and Old-Timeyness

A strange thing happens to me every summer. I do not lust after beaches, nor do I long to lounge in the shade. Instead, I feel an irrepressible urge to troll antiques shops. I bring home patterns for dresses that went out of style a half-century ago (and subsequently Google sewing machine prices and reviews). I buy delicate lace gloves adorned with tiny pearls at the wrists, gloves that could never fit my gangly fingers. I scour the shelves looking for butter paddles and pie birds. I listen to Bing Crosby and wish I had more friends my age to invite over for cocktail parties with canapes and sherry and wonder why I can't find chartreuse for beautiful old drinks with gin. ...more

Chilli Jam

End of the season peachy preservation.

Alas, peach season is almost over. I've really enjoyed the local peaches at our farmer's market this year. They've been sweet, juicy, and just down right delicious. Fortunately, there is a way to keep those peaches around through the winter. Homemade Peach Chutney is the perfect solution, and way less boring than plain old canned peaches....more

Preserving Summer: Jams, Jellies, Chutneys and Relishes

I am sure many of us are finding ourselves with a surplus amount of fresh produce. As home gardens, Framer's markets, and CSA boxes are currently overflowing with lovely looking fresh fruit and vegetables, my thoughts normally turn to preserving them for use later in the year. My solution to all this surplus produce is preserving – making jams, jellies, chutneys and preserves is something we have gotten used to doing every year. Although it’s just the three of us, our consumption on these items is rather high. ...more

I've never made any type of jam, jelly, or chutney! Partly it's because I don't really like the ...more