4 Ways to Preserve Basil For the Winter Months

We are supposed to get our first frost of the season this week!...more

6 Things to Do With End-of-Summer Tomatoes

Got tomatoes? Here's a rundown of ways to put up your maters, from basic canned tomatoes to salsa, ketchup and more.  1. CANNING TOMATOES ...more
Definitely! Don't forget diced and stewed tomatoes freeze and can beautifully!more

Preserve It Now for Autumn Entertaining

When summer's bounty is at its peak, the sheer volume of canning can begin to feel like drudgery. (Even the best-intentioned planning tends to go awry.) But remember: the hard work you put in now pays off many-fold in the months to come. ...more
Duck prosciutto is dead simple unless you forget that it's hanging in your (communal) garage. ...more

Canning & Preserving Base Camp

 Canning & Preserving Base CampWelcome to my blog!  Leave feedback in the Comment section at the bottom of the blog.  Enjoy! Needed: -Mason Jars with two-piece lids (1st piece: flat metal disk with a rubber gasket -        2nd piece: screw-on band made for holding the flat metal disk in place)...more

Canning Dry Beans at Home

There was a time when I could not fathom the reasons for canning beans at home.  In their dry state beans are already shelf stable, after all.  And they keep longer than their canned counterparts to boot.  But then I had kids.  Kids who grew to have friends and interests and extracurriculars and the propensity for making great messes.  Kids who started to take upentirely too much of my time and mental capacity....more

How to Can Pumpkin

As far as I'm concerned, one of the greatest horrors in modern home preserving is the fact that pureed pumpkin in all its forms is not safe for canning at home....more
@Julie Letowski I won't lie, I'm one of those people who is inclined to live on the edge with ...more

Canning at Home: An Apple a Day

There's something about the month of September. It beckons sweaters and tall boots, fills the nose with the scent of freshly sharpened pencils and newly opened crayons. There's something about the flip of the calendar that affects the tastebuds too; that makes us crave comfort foods—apples, pumpkin, filling soups, and stick-to-your-ribs casseroles....more
 @Laine Griffin I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Tomatoes are one of my favorite things to can, I'm ...more

Preserving The Bounty: Relish & Chutney

This time of year is always bittersweet.  On one hand there's a veritable cornucopia of fresh produce with which to create. On the other hand, there's no surer sign the end of the growing season is nigh, than the bounty that is everything coming ripe at once....more
I was given a jar of homemade plum chutney, recently. Absolutely delicious!more