Brandied Cherries for Desserts and Cocktails

Face facts, people. It’s August. That means a few things. First, it’s going to be hotter than ever for the next few weeks, with everyone setting their sights on September and its (hopefully) cool, autumn relief. Second, it means that summer’s bounty of juicy fruits and fresh vegetables is coming to a close, so get ‘em while you can!...more

Canning Tomatoes at Home

When it comes to tomatoes the canning possibilities are endless. Beyond the basic canned tomatoes in juice or water, there are tomatoes with peppers, those canned with garlic and basil, sauces and condiments—salsas, ketchups, barbecue, pizza and spaghetti sauce. One family could, if they’re like ours, eat a whole field of tomatoes—even if it's a small one—each year. And we almost do. ...more

Quick-Pickled Celery: Cheap, Always in Season, Awesome

It's 105 outside today. I'm hot. Crabby. I can't afford the olive bar any longer because I will not spend the rest of my life here, a slave to jobs and location. But it's mind-meltingly hot out and all I want is something cold that explodes with vinegar. You know how we fix this ornery mood? We pickle!...more
@OnBlank Hey you're welcome! Pickling lately has been on my mind a lot!more


Membrillo ...more

Home Preservation Safety

[Editor's Note: Today, BlogHer kicks off a series on The Practice of Preserving, a monthly examination of how to can and preserve your locally-grown or -bought food at home. Today, Diana Prichard addresses some of the important safety considerations required for healthy preservation, and in future months, she'll talk about everything from what to do with all those tomatoes that ripen at once to how to can meat when you have a surplus. --Genie]...more

Day 3

Summer's Bounty

Liveblog: Canning, Preserving, Foraging

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Food '10 panel "Values - The Old-School Arts: Canning, Preserving, Foraging." Here's the description: ...more