Here’s a Little Quiz

So here’s my little quiz:I want you to think about one particular project you are procrastinating – you might have lots, but let’s just pick one – whichever one comes to the top of your head first....more

Please Approach The Bench

My Big Project.. Time frame is a hurdle.!

NaBloPoMo nov.10 Prompt:This was exactly 3 years ago. I did this as my high school project. It was about improving awareness in wildlife conservation:  The beginning was easier than I thought.I wanted to talk about a specific area of wildlife; I selected the giant herbivorous animal: the elephant; discussing their current threats and suggesting conservation methods. An Endangered species conservation is an interesting topic because I really wanted to devote to the topic.  My time frame was 4 months long. Visiting the sites, consulting the experts. I wanted to everything related to elephants except visiting them in their natural habitat....more

No one succeeds without help.

SUBJECT:  What is the hardest part of a big project: getting the energy to begin, finding the time to work on it, or feeling down that it's over? ...more
Ha! I was thinking about this kind of stuff a lot and the last post I wrote is called Stop ...more

Today I Want To Introduce You To A Fun Experiment…

This is a “first-thought = best thought” exercise, and so there’s no right or wrong way to do it so just stay loose and let the answers to the questions bubble up from the bottom of your belly.I know some people have a hard time “visualizing,” and if you are one of those people, no worries – just see if these questions spark anything for you.Step One: Plug In To Your IntuitionFirst, get into a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind and plug in to your intuition....more

Do You Call Them Dish Clothes Or Rags

 One of the item on my bucket list was learn or re learn to crochet I did a little in high school. I made a dish rag doing single crochet stitch. Still need to tie the end of it off.I need a lot more practice. Stitches aren't even and haven't yet got the hang of counting. I tried to figure out the single crochet in book. It total confused me.  Also I been doing some ceramics. I wasn't sure how I like these color of Jesus clothes. All the painting and statues I seen. He always so clean and put together....more

Postcards for Wounded Warrior Project

This was shared with me on Facebook, and even though I shared it via the Couponing with Boys Facebook page, I’m sharing it here as well because I think that the fact that this 3rd Grader had this idea, and is trying to implement it is absolutely amazing, and I want to help her get as many postcards as she can from all over! This is the message I received: ...more

My Son Built a Log Cabin and WE Got an A+

When my son was in the 4th grade, he had a project to do for school for Ohio history. He could pick from a teepee or a log cabin....more
I hope you do make that cabin! And share it with us :)more

Re-Do an Old Door

If you happen to have, or can find, an old front door with a glass window in it, take out the glass and install a mirror or a piece of stained glass in the door. First, take off all hardware, fill holes with wood putty, sand down and paint the door. Below the mirror…add a small wood shelf and below that, or down the sides of the mirror add wood or iron pegs to hang things on…purses, keys… You could add a small shelf above the mirror and let a plant to trail down. Install a nail below the shelf to hang a wreath on the door. Above the mirror, stencil the word WELCOME....more

Monster Bathroom Project

My friend Tara has a blog called, Once Was Junk. She inspired my next project (and my kitchen back in the day if you remember). She's always getting me into trouble.   We got granite counter tops a few years ago, but they've always looked weird against our old oak cabinets. I've always wanted to paint them white. $28.66 for a bathroom cabinet makeover....more