Do you protect birds close to your home?

When we see a flock of birds migrating, we are filled with wonder and a deep sense of continuation. Everything is right with the world. I particularly love to hear geese calling as they wing their way overhead toward the east in Spring here in Hertfordshire, England. These giant birds are full of grace and symmetry, usually flocking together in the form of a V with one leader at the point....more

Damsel in Dismay

I had just pushed my very full cart up to my van when I noticed a woman a few cars from mine watching me. Not watching me like she was waiting on someone from inside the store and I just happen to be the most exciting thing happening in front of her. But watching me like…well…like a dog watches humans doing anything.“What’s she doing? What’s that? I wonder what’s in those bags? Hey! Lady! Bark! Bark! Bark!”...more

How to Protect Your Information Online from Hackers

It's a crazy world out there when it comes to information theft. Hackers don’t care if you are a nice person. Hackers don't even care if you have a "small blog" when they want to take over your space. If you offer them the opportunity to be inside of your precious virtual world, they won’t hesitate and they will leave a serious mess behind. I spent hours fixing my email account and Facebook account after being hacked, and sadly I lost some friends along the way. At the end of my giant headache, I promised to myself it not only won’t happen again, but that I'd pass my hard-won lessons along. So here some useful tips that I use everyday. There is no 100% anti-hacker system, but these tips will at least allow you to feel a little more in control of your information, blog, and accounts. ...more

She was only FIVE

When Ari was 5 years old her mom and two brothers lived with her aunt, uncle and their kids.  Ari was asleep one day in one of rooms and as she was sleeping a cousin started molesting her. As she was feeling him put his hands in her pants she started waking up, when she opened her eyes she was scared and didn't fully understand what was happening. Within minutes her moms youngest sister walked in on him touching her, she ran out screaming for Ari’s mom, he hurried up took his hands out of her pants and stood up....more
I am just now reading your post. What a terrible story. I only hope Ari got help down the line. ...more

Casual Sex: The Rules of Casual Sex

There are some simple rules to help keep you out of trouble when it comes to having casual sex.  They are some basic ground rules that will help you understand the separation of sex and emotion and why it can be important not only in a casual situation but in a relationship as well.The RulesHave sex with someone you find insanely, physically attractive.  The more involved your privates are the less you’ll be thinking with your brain and… you want to fuck someone hot....more
As long as you stay true to yourself and know what you are doing…lets enjoy lifemore

In Search of Mouse & Coyote

I was reading today that Korea has successfully cloned a coyote.  I need one.  Not quite as bad as I want a pair of micro piggies, a few hens and a couple of goats but pretty damn bad.  You see, I live in the city… Not like New York City, but as city as you can get for the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.  Despite state laws, they won’t let me shoot intruders in the city!!  I have a lot of shady people walking by my door.  Some I’m pretty sure are a bit schizo.  Not that I’m one to talk, since I’m a neurotic fucking moon bat.  So, since I can’t hav...more

Who Do You Tell -- and When -- When Your Child Has a Mental Illness?

I once read “If your child has cancer, people bring you casseroles, but if your child has a mental illness, they stay away.” I’m sad to say that we’ve faced this in our own community. Our son lost his best friend after a rage with me. Once I explained the situation to the parents, they ended their friendship. This is still painful for my son today, almost 3 years later. He still talks about this child, draws pictures of her and still tries to find her new phone number. If I could restore this relationship, I would in an instant. My heart aches for the loss he feels....more
@DesiValentine4 Thank you DesiValentine for sharing your mum's story. I love what you said ...more

Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs - Ewww!

We have all heard of the recent infestation of bed bugs, even in the most reputable hotels and retail venues. Bed bugs don’t discriminate and super cleanliness doesn’t detract them either.  I can brush off a spider with the back of my hand, but the idea of bed bugs anywhere near totally paralyzes me. It almost – almost – is reason enough for me to never want to leave my home. Since that is not an option, I thought I should research products that would help with the bed bug problem. And allow me to travel and sleep while doing so!...more
Bed bugs can spread very rapidly, especially in apartment complexes. Be sure to contact more