Who Wants to Know What I Learned at a Writers' Conference?

I went to an all day local writer's conference today. Though not a spa with hot rock massages and smoked salmon for lunch, it was time that felt rewarding and reassuring. With all of you in mind, I made sure to note tips, sage advice, collective wisdom, with the purpose of sharing it with you. I'm home now, and so ready to hop into pajamas that have been run through the dryer to super hot, but I'm putting that off, to tell you the top must-knows from today's presenters. (thanks for being here to read them)...more
patriciaappelquist  Thanks Patricia! The conference was excellent. Only a day long, but every ...more

published means more than meets the eye

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I'm starting a new company - any suggestions?

Hi, my name is Annie L Watts and I have started a new publishing company and named it ALW Publishing. I have learned to publish books but now the hard part, marketing and selling the books. Do you have any suggestions for me?Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALWPublishing...more

joy of nine9 weekly paper

This weeks articles and posts from ten different sources gathered together in one spot.  joy of nine9 weekly paper  …..link*...more

Valerie Douglas

Valerie Douglasauthor of Song of the Fairy Queen,  ...more

My Blogging Self

BlogHer – NaBloPoMoFriday, March 7, 2014 What have you learned about yourself through blogging?~~~~~~~~Blogging has given me self-confidence, a better ability to write, and a greater sense of the writing community. I have always known that I wanted to write, but blogging has helped me sift through different genres and different styles, until I found my own voice.The generosity of other bloggers and writers never fails to amaze me. They offer advice and answer questions for those of us who are just starting, or are coming back to our writing....more

A Monkey Could Figure Out What Publishers Want

It is bedtime, and I am reading a book with my five-year-old son called Monkey Makes Pancakes.* And it…well…sucks....more

Why Reviews are Gold Dust for Indie Authors

Publishing a book: a cautionary tale

I have one book out there which was published by a commercial publisher, back in 2000. I won’t name the book or the publisher although those of you who are able to make the connections, you may do so.I’d like to share my story of how this book, a collection of poetry, was first started, developed, and ended up in bookshops and on the likes of Amazon....more

It's Official

I have a novel coming out! This crazy, decades-long dream of mine is becoming a reality, just like that. My awesome agent, Harvey Klinger, who expertly and kindly helped me shape my book, by showing me what unnecessary sections to cut, where to deepen characters, where to tighten the action, gave me the best Mother's Day gift by pronouncing my novel ready for submission to publishers. Two weeks later, I had a book deal....more