Buck Up Princess, You're In The Big Leagues Now

A sparrow died. Its tiny heart sputtered, a wing trembled like the first stirrings of an unborn child, and then it was all over. Its stillness became absolute and a minute hole opened in the fabric of the world, the gel of life pulsing to mend it back, stitching up that chasm before one more creature could slip away. I watched it like a film reel....more
Yep...hating the haters only makes more hate. Good for you.more

What is a query letter?

I feel like I've jumped ahead a little bit with this blog.  Part of why I started it, is to share information.  When I first embarked on this journey of writing a book and trying to get published, I knew very little.  Through my research I found very few blogs that explain a lot of the ins and outs of the process.  I'm hoping to share my continuing journey and hopefully give some instruction to others that follow in this path. ...more

What You Need to Know About Publishing Books

Every time someone asks me what I do and I tell them that I'm a writer, I get one of two reactions: people who are readers ask what I've written to see if they know one of my books, and people who are writers shyly tell me that one of their goals in life is to publish a book. Sometimes the people in that former group ask me for advice on how to break into publishing, and I'm always happy to help. (And, yes, if you are reading this, you are one of those people I am happy to help, so leave your questions in the comment section and I'll answer them.) But part of helping is giving them the reality of publishing. ...more
Thank you for sharing!  Like many writers, I too am an inspiring author. The publishing world ...more

Get Started Writing Your Book Today

You want to write a book. How much do you need to know before you start? ...more

Write A Book, Grow Your Blog

You’re writing a book, and you want to grow your blog at the same time. That’s a wonderful idea. Here’s why: you need to market your book, and a blog gives you lots of opportunities for marketing. New to blogging? Scared of it? ...more

16 Important Publishing Tips I Picked Up at a Writers Conference

I went to an all day local writers conference. Though not as relaxing as a spa with hot rock massages and smoked salmon for lunch, it was time that felt rewarding and reassuring. I made sure to note tips, sage advice, and collective wisdom with the purpose of sharing it with you. I'm home now, and so ready to hop into pajamas that have been run through the dryer to super hot, but I'm putting that off to tell you the top must-knows from today's presenters. Here are 16 things I learned today at the conference. ...more
Rita Arens  Thanks, Rita! It was a great, local, affordable conference. Their first year, but ...more

published means more than meets the eye

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I'm starting a new company - any suggestions?

Hi, my name is Annie L Watts and I have started a new publishing company and named it ALW Publishing. I have learned to publish books but now the hard part, marketing and selling the books. Do you have any suggestions for me?Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALWPublishing...more

joy of nine9 weekly paper

This weeks articles and posts from ten different sources gathered together in one spot.  joy of nine9 weekly paper  …..link*...more

Valerie Douglas

Valerie Douglasauthor of Song of the Fairy Queen,  ...more