How to Blog a Novel

The process of blogging  a book lends itself well to nonfiction. However, there are writers blogging fiction and ending up with “blovels,” or novels created based on the contents of a blog. The term “blovel” was coined by blogger Ana Marie Cox in  her novel Dog Days....more
Thanks for the article. I started blogging a YA Novel a few weeks ago. I'm five chapters in so ...more

Will the publishing industry ever grow up?

The latest spat in the publishing world:...more

Blog To Book: The Book Is Not The End Game

It's been almost a year since the hardcover edition of Planting Dandelions was released. Last spring was a giddy season. Warm advance reviews were rolling in, interviews and readings were being planned, buzz was in the air. Though I kept my expectations in check, I allowed my hopes to roam wild and high, as dreams must do....more

"Which Way Did They Go, George? Which Way Did They Go?"

My title today reflects my favorite line from an old cartoon character. Nevertheless, it also asks a pertinent question about today's publishing business....more

#RowlingReturns! J.K. Rowling Announces New Novel Will Be For Adults

Yes, the day has finally come. J.K. Rowling has announced that she's publishing a new novel. The Blair Partnership website updated earlier today with the news. Details, including the title, will not be released until later in the year but they have confirmed that the novel will be targeted at adults. ...more
Could not get into the Harry Potter books at all, so I'm not sure what to expect from her for ...more

When All You Want is the Rainbow Poop

Here’s what you might think happens, if you ever spend time thinking about signing with a literary agent:You make a choice, if more than one offers, and then the heavenly choir sings and unicorns start pooping rainbows on your front lawn. You have an agent! Someone Important with a capital I has read your work, likes it, thinks publishers will like it, and is willing to invest quite a lot of time on based on that belief in you and your work before ever getting paid.You’ve hit the big time!And you have. Being offered representation is a Very Big Deal....more

Practicing What I Preach: Launching a Business Publisher/Editor

I say to my students of Entrepreneurship at Tufts University ...... forget your inhibitions let's just come up with an idea that seems almost impossible but makes you smile -- gets your heart fluttering and is something people want and need. I ask them to think out of the box. Dare to Dream.  And so for three years running this is how we begin our first class each semester....more

What Editors Think Of Writers -- The Most Honest Advice Ever By Gina Barreca (Part Of A 10 Part Publishing Series)

“What do editors want?” Adding to our discussion of real-life experience in the world of publishing, the fourth voice we’ll hear is from the Editor-at-Large of an internationally known and well-respected magazine, one with a professional as well as popular readership. A successful author in her own right as well as an experienced editor, “Hanna Errant” (her alias, as if you couldn’t tell) maps some unnerving changes in the publishing industry over the last twenty years: ...more
I published a book this year, and our editor was immensely helpful. On the other hand, we spent ...more

The Best Food Magazines You've Never Read

Conventional wisdom tells us that print is dead. Its death knell sounded loud and clear in food-oriented publishing when the print edition of Gourmet folded in 2009. If that beloved legendary publication couldn't make a go of it, who could?...more

Mentors and You: Learn How BlogHer Writers '11 Can Give You an Advantage

BlogHer Writers ‘11 is offering attendees something special in those small group mentoring sessions: an advantage. When you’re trying to understand or start something new, the help of others who have “been there, done that” is such a benefit. It doesn’t matter what that new thing is, the help of a mentor can make all the difference. We’re hoping that the mentoring sessions at BlogHer Writers will allow for attendees to break through their own mental stumbling blocks and give them a clear idea of “what’s next” when it comes to publishing. I thought, since it’s possible that some people have never had a mentoring experience, it would be helpful if we asked a few of our scheduled mentors their experiences with mentors as they made their way in and through their careers. ...more