Five Reasons Why I Share the Art of Sewing

"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up."- Pablo Picasso Last Saturday afternoon it was just V and I.Stella and Stephen were out of the house - at a Frozen-themed five-year-old birthday party....more

A Table for Two

I made sure I looked a little extra pretty today. I took an extra  minute with my hair and made sure my eye makeup looked nice, remembering to use a little eyeliner. As I went to get to dressed, I passed on wearing my favorite, if a little raggy, green sweater, for my nicer knit turtleneck..No weekend-mom attire would do today. I had a date planned with someone very special, my eight-year-old son Peter.It’s all he’s wanted to talk about all week....more

Can Bad Moms Inspire Us to Do and Be More?

One of my biggest fears as a mother will always be that I will damage my child permanently in a way that she will be resentful forever. Last week, I watched a story on 20/20 about Shirley MacLaine's daughter and how she felt her mother chose her career over her and still has abandonment issues to this day because of it. Now, I am no famous actress. And, I am a stay-at-home mom, so there aren't a lot of parallels in that regard, but there was one thing in this interview that struck me and made me re-examine the time I spend with my own children. Especially my daughter....more
Wow, and thanks. A powerful message to devote attention to our kids, not just have them around ...more

Quality time = BEST TIME!

Oh SNAP! This has got to be one of my favourite pictures from this past week.  After being indoors for a few days and not getting out much, we took a looooooong walk in woods to get some fresh air....more