The Sexualization of Lesbian & Bisexual Women

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, because the extreme sexualization of lesbian and bi women has been driving me nuts.Like, really driving me nuts.When I first started identifying as bisexual about four years ago — before I really considered that I might be pansexual — I knew people, especially men, would think “that’s hot,” and consider me a little more promiscuous or open-minded....more

Pansexual Visibility & Undoing Heteronormativity

Pride was bittersweet this year. We are still devastated and grieving over the Orlando shooting of 50 people at Pulse, a LGBTQ night club, AND we continue to proudly celebrate who we are. The celebration of LGBTQ feels even more important with the violence that recently happened. Though greater strides have been made towards the acceptance of gay and queer people, we still have a long way towards changing perceptions, beliefs, and the safety of LGBTQ people. I want to acknowledge the intersections like race, gender, and disability that many gay or queer people experience....more

Being Shocked

BEING SHOCKED  Mark 6:1-6 St. Blaise ...more

Family Merry Christmas

Luke 1:67-79  Family--Merry Christmas to All You!...more

Marlene and me- What's my deal?

My name is my business, but for today's purpose, you can call me Marlene. I've used this name for various endeavors, mostly sexual in nature, for years. I chose it because I feel somehow kindred with the spirit of Marlene Dietrich, in that she unapologetically embraced her sexuality....more

Dating While Pansexual

I'm queer.It's an ongoing conversation with myself. As I learn more about the woman I am-- likes, dislikes, the kinds of relationships I want, and the politics I embody-- the clearer my self-portrait becomes. My queerness is not the sole factor through which I am defined or viewed, of course; it is so deeply ingrained in who i am but it is not some "difference", the way a lot of straight (and queer) ppl view being not hetero....more
Hmmmm I didn't get that from her at all. I thought it meant she is attracted to the persons ...more

Why I Teach

Tonight I'm literally so overwhelmed by emotions that I don't know what to write. Today Pandora Scooter came to perform for my students, and she had a lot thrown at her. When I say a lot, I mean that we had an evacuation drill ten minutes into her performance! (At least now she can say she once evacuated an entire school while performing...) She incorporated the evacuation into her performance, and even offered to stay a bit longer if needed. Luckily, the evacuation only lasted a few minutes. ...more

Pride Month ProFile Friday: Joan Hilty

Joan Hilty (born December 27, 1966) is a cartoonist and editor best known for the comic strip Bitter Girl and her tenure as a senior editor at DC Comics’s Vertigo imprint....more


fuck. my. life.there. i said it.i've watched almost ALL of my fb friends at some point or another post about some absurdly annoying and shitty thing that happened to them, then follow it with fml. i never had an urge to join in. until today......more

ain't nobody else is gonna love you...

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.i had a second couples' therapy session in 3 days with 1.0 tonight. it was better than monday, no yelling this time,'s not feeling good....more