Getting a call from the teacher

During our parent-teacher conference with my son's teacher, my husband and I did our best to ask the questions we had about homework, behavior, areas of improvement and strengths to develop for our son. (We did not ask about the brightly colored emails.) We did make sure that she knew that if there were any problems, we wanted to know about them....more

Cross and Noose

Jesus is murdered by the state.  He is betrayed by his own religious leaders in cooperation with the state. His crime? Extending God's shalom--for the poor and outcast, and judgment on those who put barriers in the way of that shalom....more

To Talk About Race, You Have To Listen

When Donald Trump says he wants to make America "great again," what many people hear is him saying he wants to make America "run by white men" again. We've been talking about race in coded terms during this election — except for those moments when Trump explains that black people all live in hell — and I think we need to address it more directly.But a white woman pushing 60 shouldn't be encouraged to talk about race in America all by herself; we've had too much of that, just as we've had too many men explain to women how we "really" think. I didn't want to whitesplain....more

What Kind Of Person Are You Planning On Being?

I’ve been thinking lately about how quickly society changes; how little time it takes before suddenly you’re “on the wrong side of history,” as they say on the internet to imply that you totally would have been a Nazi if you’d been in WWII-Germany but without actually saying it and therefore fulfilling Godwin’s Law.The internet is a shitty place, okay.But, condescending as they may be, they have a point. Because while it’s hard to see from the middle of it, we are square in the center of several major historical events. ...more

Riding In Cars With Blackness

When I was a sophomore in high school my boyfriend was a senior. We'd drive around in his car listening to August and Everything After and discussing what each song meant to our tortured teenage hearts. And making out at red lights, of course. When I first started driving the car was freedom. It was being able to hang out with my friends after the play and smoking clove cigarettes on my way home with my arm hanging out of the window so my mom wouldn't smell it. (Pro Tip: That doesn't work)...more
Every morning and every night, I say that whole quote: "If I am not for myself, who will be for ...more

I Have to Talk Politics - It's Killing Me


Why Don't White People Watch Black Television Shows?

 The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. - Anonymous Thursday nights used to mark my last night of law school classes for the week and one more day of a long workweek.  It was also the one night I allowed myself to stay up late and lose myself in the television shows I had taped on my VCR. ...more

How Do I Know It's Racism - How Do You Know It's Pizza

I have a new response for when people ask me how I know a person is a racist or an action was racism. I am going to ask them how they know pizza is pizza.   How Do I Know It Was Racism - How Do You Know It's Pizza? ...more

Wanted: An Affordable, Integrated Neighborhood to Raise an Anti-Racist Kid

Across the United States, a great many white children are talking only to other white children....more

Can We Talk About Being A Good Ally?

Most of us have realized by now that we don’t have to be women to be feminists, queer to support LGBTQA folks, a person of color to support the Black Lives Matter movement, or even, in this freaking election, a democrat to vote for Hillary Clinton. ...more