Battle of the Halloween Costumes: 2015

I'm not a prognosticator, but I can predict it with a fair degree of certainty: sometime in the next few weeks, there will be people who post pictures of themselves dressed as Blacks/Hispanics/Native Americans/Asians in a stereotypical way for Halloween. Then everyone will momentarily descend into outrage, defense and offense until November when we'll all take the 30 Days of Thankful Challenge leading up to Thanksgiving....more

Ahmed Mohammed: Another Black Boy Guilty Until Proven Guilty

This morning, I read the story of Ahmed Mohamed and his clock that he took to school and was arrested for suspicion of making a bomb and it's been bothering me all day. I can imagine that he packed this clock that he built all by himself carefully and was full of pride and boasting as he showed his science teacher how he had figured out the gears and wires all by himself....more
Leslie@TheFlownCoop you're right - the situation is different - but at the heart of it, it's the ...more

Race, Starbucks & Foster Care

Earlier this year, Starbucks Corp. CEO Howard Schultz pulled the plug on his company’s in-store initiative that encouraged baristas to write “Race Together” on cups and talk about race relations with their customers....more

Can We Laugh It Off: Prejudice in America

Many think lynchings weren't that bad or that the victims had it coming. They think it was about ...more

MTV Documentary #WhitePeople Examines American Perspectives on Race

Most white people are completely uncomfortable discussing race. And with 91% of white Americans having zero non-white friends, they kind of don’t have to....more
ChrisFota Race didn't just pop up, it's been there all along -- most Whites simply didn't pay ...more

Alzheimer's brain changes vary by race

When it comes to race, not all the effects of Alzheimer's are the same.New research from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that Alzheimer's develops differently in the brains of African Americans (vs. Americans of European descent) and that they are more likely to experience brain changes that also contribute to dementia....more

It May Not Be Racism, But Race Does Matter

Praise GOD the Creator sister tell it like it is. So that means when we start having children we ...more

How to Be Race Ready Even if You Don't Think So

Hello!My last race was a 10k a few weeks ago. It may turn out to be my favorite distance. I signed up for this race a day before the race knowing that I would have company the entire weekend. I knew that I would probably have a few drinks on Friday and stay up late. I knew that a least one meal with french fries would occur.I definitely had a freak out before my guests arrived for the weekend and had a few too many drinks on Friday before the race. The outcome?...more

When You Look at Me You Don’t See Color – Your Loss!

Often when I talk to people about race they say, "When I look at you I don't see color." My response to them is always the same. Aloud I say, "That is your loss, my color is beautiful." To myself I say, "You are either unobservant or a liar." ...more
It is the most dishonest and ridiculous thing. WHen someone says to me, "I don't see color" I ...more

My Children Are Not Intruders

Growing up as a child, my mother taught me many things. She taught me to be independent, persistent and kind. Everything I am is because of what I learned from her. As much as I don't want to admit it sometimes, our personalities are very similar.Our features are even the same. We look exactly alike except for one thing. She is fair skinned and often mistaken as white. My brother, looks like her too, only with blue eyes and blonde hair. And then there's me. The dark one of the family....more
Wow, this is so eloquent. Thank you for sharing.more