When the News Leaves Me in Despair, Art Saves Me

When a grand jury failed to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Mike Brown, I felt hollowed out by sorrow and grief over the lack of justice that washed over me. I cried on my husband's chest, asking him to tell me how we were going to protect our three Black boys from such a system... and from people who believe it is within their rights to cut the lives of Black men and women short for whatever reason they deem necessary. He didn't have an answer....more
Beautiful. The art, the words, you. Thank you for sharing and for being such a strong voice. XOXOmore

PHOTOS: Why We Walked the Walk and Marched for Justice

The way I see it, we have two options in wake of the national news: to talk to our children about police brutality or not. And if we tell them, which I hope we all do, we can go one step further and put our words into action. ...more
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I call St. Louis home, and the events ...more

Racial Inequality in Education Still Exists

Growing up, I was the darkest person throughout my whole academic career-and I’m not black. I’m biracial with my mother having a Hispanic, Puerto Rican ethnic background while my dad was also biracial with African American and Caucasian background giving me a natural all-year-around tan look to my skin. With being the only girl with a hint of color in their skin, I was the main target for any racial joke that was made by my peers and even sometimes my teachers....more

Troubling Revelations in "Serial" Episode 10

I'm not usually very analytical or serious on this blog, but as I was hunkering down on my day off—because I'm sick to my bones—to listen to another episode of Serial, I found myself jolting upright immediately when I heard the following quote:...more

Ferguson: Connecting with Our Community on Twitter

BlogHer is a diverse community and never was that more evident than in today's Twitter chat about Ferguson, the racial tensions stemming from the shooting of Michael Brown and the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed him....more

My American Han for #Ferguson

Right now, I am not sure if I should rage or if I should cry. I’m sitting here just stuffing my feelings inside because I am unsure of where we go from here.  Inside, I have a mix of anger, frustration, disappointment, helplessness, sadness, grief, despair, and heartbreak.I have been unable to write about the death of Michael Brown and about Ferguson. I was glued to the stories in disbelief. Was this really happening in America? In 2014? Did we really not make any kind of advances as a society?...more

When Silence Serves No One in #Ferguson

I have been feeling hopeless, broken, disheartened with the racial disparity in America. But giving up does nothing for change. A radio story I heard this afternoon while listening to Ferguson‬ coverage, reports that in Wisconsin, White Americans are more likely than Black Americans to have used drugs, yet Black Americans are arrested for possession three times as much as Whites. ...more
Beautifully said. Thank you.more

His Name Was Tamir Rice

His name was Tamir Rice.He was 12....more
I have read your whole comment and it astounds me that you can find a way to subtly blame ...more

What Happened to Tanesha Anderson's Right to Life?

Late last night I came across an article with the headline "Cleveland woman with mental illness died after police used takedown measure, brother says." My heart sank as I clicked on it and read about the death of Tanesha Anderson, a 37-year-old African-American woman who reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia....more
This is horrifying.more

The "R" Word

There are so many times, especially over the last few months that I have attempted over and over and over again to write this post. However, I have often found myself too emotional (too saddened, too angry) at the thought of the foolishness downright stupidity like this , the idiocy that is the "new black" movement (ugh....more
jenniesisler I am actually working on a post specifically about "colorblindless." t's definitely ...more