When Silence Serves No One in #Ferguson

I have been feeling hopeless, broken, disheartened with the racial disparity in America. But giving up does nothing for change. A radio story I heard this afternoon while listening to Ferguson‬ coverage, reports that in Wisconsin, White Americans are more likely than Black Americans to have used drugs, yet Black Americans are arrested for possession three times as much as Whites. ...more
Beautifully said. Thank you.more

His Name Was Tamir Rice

His name was Tamir Rice.He was 12....more
I have read your whole comment and it astounds me that you can find a way to subtly blame ...more

What Happened to Tanesha Anderson's Right to Life?

Late last night I came across an article with the headline "Cleveland woman with mental illness died after police used takedown measure, brother says." My heart sank as I clicked on it and read about the death of Tanesha Anderson, a 37-year-old African-American woman who reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia....more
This is horrifying.more

The "R" Word

There are so many times, especially over the last few months that I have attempted over and over and over again to write this post. However, I have often found myself too emotional (too saddened, too angry) at the thought of the foolishness downright stupidity like this , the idiocy that is the "new black" movement (ugh....more
jenniesisler I am actually working on a post specifically about "colorblindless." t's definitely ...more

Code Switching

I don’t usually discuss race, on this blog or anywhere else, unless it is preceded by the acronym “NASCAR.”  Today, however, I’ll give it a go, because I’ve been inspired by the new NPR blog, Code Switch....more

Hallowed Half and 10K

Well I went and picked up the race packets for D and I yesterday.  Here is a pic of the shirts and I think they are pretty awesome!  I’ll update Sunday what our times are, hopefully less than a 12 min mile.  That’s the goal anyways.  Here’s to drinking nothing but water for three days and eating healthier.http://www.torturedtoes.com/hallowed-half-10k-wake-forest-nc/...more

In That Other Half of the World

Today is the fall equinox--the day when dark and light are almost equal....more

Parental Responsibilities

This post is a plea to white moms. The ones I wave to in the carpool line and serve with on the PTA. The ones I casually chat with at school orientation and in the stands at baseball. The one sitting next to me last week at the playground while we discussed affordable aftercare and food allergies. I know all parents have some parental duty that they hate. Many parents don't like diaper duty, or doctor's visits or PTA meetings. But we do it anyway. Most parents dread that nightmare-inducing birds and bees conversation....more
This should be required reading for every (white) parent. We are the royality, the ruling class ...more

Beginner 5k Program

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsCome visit FFT at http://www.fitfoodieruns.com for more information!Looking for motivated people who want to change their life!Even if you haven’t been working out, I will give you the tools you need to claim bragging rights for your first ever 5k!Be part of the millions of people who want to:Be in shapeGain confidenceCreate a healthy lifestyleYou can do it and I can help show you how in the Beginner 5k Program!...more

When We Talk About Race, We Need to Talk About Institutional Racism

I often think about why we, as a people, are in the state we are in, and I'm frustrated by institutional racism....more
Wow, this post was pretty heavy and a little uncomfortable to read, so thank you for sharing!  ...more