What we can learn from Miss Teen USA's Twitter disaster

On Saturday night, 18-year-old Karlie Hay was crowned Miss Teen USA. By midnight, the Internet had unearthed three-year-old tweets where Hay throws around the N-word like confetti. To the surprise of no one, the Internet was outraged....more

8 Ridiculous Adoption Questions This Transracial Family Has Been Asked

“Do you think they'll grow up to be communists?” Um… really?Content notice: casual racism.Why fit in when you’re born to stand out? — Dr. SeussMy family stands out. My kids are Asian; my husband and I are white. Most people will (correctly) assume our children are adopted.I get that “standing out” invites curiosity. Stares. Potentially well-intentioned comments and questions that come off as intrusive, even offensive....more

How a First Grade Exercise Turned Into a Lesson in Institutional Racism

It was supposed to teach kids the value of money. Instead it taught my son another hard lesson....more

Brexit and the BET Awards: When the Real and Magic Fight Back

The world buzzing with talk of xenophobia and racism, whether it's Brexit or actor Jesse Williams' speech at the BET Awards. But it's also is a great time for taking back control when it comes to your life and your power to not just to survive, but to thrive. ...more
Michelle_Garrett Wow, thank you for that great compliment!  Racism is real in 2016 and as a ...more

I Support Public Education (And So Should You)

I've written quite a bit about being a former public school teacher. You might think that because I left teaching I have a problem with public schools. In fact, the opposite is true. I love public schools. I think they are the foundation for a democratic and equitable society. I support them, and you should too. More on that in a minute....more

50 Shades of Brown: Raising Mixed Kids in a Colourist World

Butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla, hot fudge and caramel. No, not the local ice cream shop menu, these are the five sweet sensations my four year old uses to describe her family's skin tones. It's cute because she's very matter of fact about it. Just as ice cream comes in different flavours, so do we come in shades of brown....more

I'm an African American Woman, But I'm Also Muslim

To look at me you see a black woman. I’m not wearing any coverings, no hijab. My name although ethnically Arabic may or may not reflect my religious beliefs so most people do not know my religion until I tell them. I don’t pray five times a day but I do pray and during communal prayer services I am often brought to tears. Image Credit: Maks Karochkin, via Flickr...more
Ask Deedra Thank you for taking the time to read it. My mom wears full hijab and I am concerned ...more

What The Hell is Going On With Young Black America?

What the hell is going on with young, black America?  Let me specify. RICH, young black America. Y’all have been on one lately. Listen babies…we have rules and shit. You can’t just go giving opinions without consulting with your elders first!  I, really, try to discuss relevant issues that concern us but this needs to be addressed. I don’t know about anyone else but we were taught that you don’t put “family business” in the street. Family business in this case would be black folks and our internal issues....more

Those Racist Halloween Costumes: It's Not Political Correctness, Just Respect

I'm not a prognosticator, but I can predict it with a fair degree of certainty: sometime in the next few weeks, there will be people who post pictures of themselves dressed as Blacks/Hispanics/Native Americans/Asians in a stereotypical way for Halloween. Then everyone will momentarily descend into outrage, defense and offense until November when we'll all take the 30 Days of Thankful Challenge leading up to Thanksgiving....more
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