When we turn into oppressors: Internalised racism and parenting

The privilege of being lighter skinnedI am a lighter skinned Black woman. I am light enough to enjoy some of shadism’s privileges but dark enough to still be accepted as Black.  A uniquely privileged position. Throughout my upbringing I have received messages in my environment that this made me more desirable, more worthy, and/or more significant than my darker skinned counterparts....more

Talking to My Teen about a Life of Privilege

 It was a glorious spring day, the hard edges of the air softening into mildness, the sun reflecting in puddles, spirits sitting up and stretching their arms to the sky. Awaking from the freeze of winter, everyone was out running, walking, looking faintly stunned by the exposed squares of sidewalk....more

A Message for the White People

The teens found a photo of their classmate and made some changes to it.The classmate is a young black man.They drew a noose around his neck and added the words "Gotta hang ‘em all" and shared the edited photo on social media....more
This is so stirring and so true. It takes conversation and a willingness to understand and hear ...more

31 Days, 32 Revelations: The Distraction of Ignorance

*Image courtesy of Quoteswave.comSeries Introduction...more
patriciaappelquist Thanks Patricia! My actual birthday is on the 27th. I appreciate you reading ...more

Brown Eyes Blue Eyes

For the past 24 hours or so, the English-speaking world has been ablaze with the mystery of the blue/black/white/gold dress.  What colour is it really? Is the whole thing a click-bait scam? Who sees what? It’s been one of those Internet phenomena that verify what a small planet this is, how close we all are and yet how different. And how many of us are willing to be completely and utterly diverted by trivia. It came during a week in which perspective and disparity in how we see the world has weighed heavily on me....more

On Black Children, Black History, and the Good Life

Watching Ava DuVernay talk about Selma. Seeing black bodies beaten by white police officers."That was the past. They should get over it."...more

Beyond Charlie Hebdo – It’s not always personal

While I said in my Je suis Charlie Chaplin post a few days ago that I had nothing new to directly contribute about the terrible shootings in Paris last week, I do have something to say about the debate over freedom that has followed the attack on the office of the Charlie Hebdo magazine who had long been a target of those it satirized....more

Leave Him Alone: Racial Microaggressions in Pre-K and Elementary School

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How Insidious is Racism in our Society?

Obviously, the United States is nowhere close to being free of racism, but how insidious is it really?  Recently, we have seen the deadly effects that racial bias can have for blacks when law enforcement is involved. These are scary times. Now, a NYT article highlights how insidious racial bias is in American culture. ...more

This Daughter of a Police Officer Thinks We Can Do Better

I am the daughter and grand-daughter of police officers. The police were the good guys... but they are not above the law. ...more
allison.arnone Thank you, Allison. These stories have been painful for so many.more