White-on-White Crime

Tom Clements, the head of the Colorado Department of Corrections, opened his door without hesitation on March 19, 2013. Yes, he lived in an all white neighborhood, but his neighbors were all nice people and he felt safe. When he saw a white man on his front step he didn’t think to be suspicious. That’s when Evan Spencer Ebel gunned him down.It turns out Evan Spencer Ebel was a neo-Nazi with an ax to grind....more

Black Girl, White Mom: Part 2

  So my last post, I stomped my mama bear paw and pointed my finger and wondered out loud. ...more

The Utopia of Cheerios

I just spent some time reading a blog post or two about the controversial Cheerios commercial that played during the Super Bowl.  I find it so hard to believe that there is a vocal minority that has taken issue with the fact that the family in the commercial had skin tones that weren’t exactly the same as each other.Assuming those voices weren’t part of some very creative marketing strategy ......more

Crash Course: Holidays, Racism, and How to Apologize

A few thoughts and meditations on Halloween and various other holiday costumes and jokes that one might want to reconsider: Image Credit: Recoverlings, via Flickr 1) If I'm ignorant of the ways in which my action is stereotyping and/or mocking, I'm still stereotyping and/or mocking. 2) Describing myself as “ignorant” about something is not self-deprecating but a simple statement of fact—that I have something to learn;...more
I appreciate your comment and thanks for reading some of my other work here and elsewhere!more

People Like Richard Cohen Make Me Want to Barf

Making the rounds on my Facebook timeline today is a story about how biracial families make Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen “want to puke.” Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's inauguration, January 1, 2010, Image Credit: Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, via Flickr...more
Grace Hwang LynchGrace, except for the fact that he is such a weasel, that statement would ...more

Am I the Only White Person in America Offended by Racism and the Tea Party?

If politics remains a taboo topic in polite conversation, then racism in politics represents the equivalent of suppression, of something whispered behind closed doors in the dim light of one flickering candle.  ...more

Who do you think the real Miss America is?

As I sit here eating one of my favorite quick lunch recipes from Pioneer Woman (modified to be vegetarian) and checking my computer while Nandini naps I am struck by how I am living in a world that is not made for me.  I was ecstatic to find out that an Indian woman was crowned Miss America last night.  I thought she looked gorgeous and I was so happy to see her bringing out her culture for the talent portion with a Bollywood dance routine. ...more
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The Consequences of Our Non-Actions

Y’all, the number of reported assaults by cops on black people for the heinous crime of BEING BLACK depresses the crap out of me. They handcuffed and choked a 14 year old black kid who was holding a puppy because he looked at them funny. They handcuffed and threatened a black firefighter for waving at them....more

It Keeps Oprah Grounded

It seems that Oprah was racially profiled. A Swiss store clerk took a look at the incredibly rich Oprah and decided she couldn't possibly afford the $38,000 purse sitting on a high shelf. Not worth the trouble of finding the stepstool and getting it down.  The clerk waved Oprah and her money off. Oprah left, taking her bulging wallet somewhere else where the salespeople weren't so prone to underestimating customers. I say good for her and good for us. It seems that Oprah was racially profiled....more