Say What You See: Being Honest about Race

I started my professional life at 27 as a White girl in a Black anti-poverty agency called the Social Development Commission where the first day I was called out for shrinking back from a hug offered by an associate director who laughed at me and told me I didn't have anything to be afraid of. "It's okay, girl. We're not going to hurt you."...more

Realizing the Comforts of My Color: Thoughts on White Privilege

She came from nowhere, it seemed, and slipped away in the same smooth and silent way. We were at the donut shop's counter, being treated to coffee by one of the people we were visiting.  His wallet was out, and suddenly she was there, at his side, all creased chocolate skin and curls spiraling with gray and—this is what has stayed with me—dark and haunted eyes. Image Credit: Christine H. via Flickr...more
I feel like I have a good view on this as I am in an interracial relationship my fiance and I ...more

Captain Hookup Culture

You know how every couple of days there is a pundit squalling about “hookup” culture? They give the impression that all college kids do is get drunk and have sex with random strangers in drug-fueled orgies while listening to the evil modern music and oh God everyone in America is going to hell because too many bathing suit parts are getting squished together.Well, they are wrong....more

An early lesson on racism

As a kid, I loved funny things - jokes, riddles, puns... the sillier the better - anything that made me laugh. I was an extremely shy child, but telling jokes was a surefire way to talk to people when I didn't know what to say or how to say it. I remember on more than one occasion holding someone or other captive as I regaled them with joke after joke from one of my many books. "Just one more!" I'd beg when one of my parents tried to save my hapless victim from my corniness. "This next one is really funny!" ...more

‘I want to be White’: Fostering self-love amongst children of African Descent

Guilaine Kinouani Founder of  I want to be White’: Fostering self-love amongst children of African Descent...more
whythedarkness I'm glad it speaks to you :) thank you.more

Do White People Need a Civil Rights Organization?

Originally posted on“Why can we have organizations like the NAACP but no organizations for white people?”...more

being a secret asian


Lupita Hate? Keep It Away

Too many people who are disliked on social media for being trollers/haters get excited when there is something new the world is unfolding for.That just happens to be Lupita....more

White-on-White Crime

Tom Clements, the head of the Colorado Department of Corrections, opened his door without hesitation on March 19, 2013. Yes, he lived in an all white neighborhood, but his neighbors were all nice people and he felt safe. When he saw a white man on his front step he didn’t think to be suspicious. That’s when Evan Spencer Ebel gunned him down.It turns out Evan Spencer Ebel was a neo-Nazi with an ax to grind....more