Have I Become Racist Against White People?

I recently got into a little disagreement on Facebook, through a comment thread on an acquaintance’s page. I left a comment saying that people who fly confederate flags are generally not the kind of people who a black man (or woman) might want to be caught in a dark alley with. My point was not so much that flying a confederate flag makes you a racist, but in my experience, they usually are.Then I got called a racist. By a white guy from Mississippi. Which, as another commenter on the thread pointed out, was kind of humorous, seeing as I am also white....more
Great post, thanks for your candor, it is a difficult subject. I recently worked with my best ...more

Same Difference

Was at a kids' birthday party last weekend.  Bounce houses seem to be the most popular birthday destination these days.  Well, as you might guess, the kids had a blast! Parents were only too happy to take home the well fed and ready to sleep kids.  If wolfing down Pizza counts as being well fed, that is, I thought to myself, watching my kids.  And its not like there weren't options either.  There was Salad and a fruit dessert too, but its like a pre-programmed setting that the kids have. ...more

"Brown" and Out in Beverly Hills

Why is this man smiling?Ashton Kutcher—what were you thinking, dude?...more

Beautiful Evelyn

I was on a cross country flight recently on my way to visit family.  I boarded the plane and sat down next to an older lady who smiled at me even though I accidentally bumped her arm with my bag. The lady appeared to be African-American, quite small in frame.  She was seated next to the window, with her sweater cupped over her shoulders like a blanket....more
@lenitakilgore Thanks so much for reading. Evelyn was really a neat lady. It was my privilege ...more

A Trump Card Argument: “What, are you [fill in the blank]”

So, let us say that you are socializing with someone. This someone may be a friend or a relative. They might be a casual acquaintance. And that someone makes a racist, bigoted remark. And, since you find racist and bigoted statements to be offensive, you call them on it. You say, “Hey, that’s racist and that’s not cool,” or you say “Wow, what you said was kind of horrible.”...more

Quote of the Day

The Quote of the Day by me to Brandon, lovely early 20 something in my math class."Brandon, having a baby with a large black woman will NOT guarentee that your child will be a star athlete you moron! No, I'm not apologizing...you also wear your pants below your butt, take those two things together and really..."...more

Our Hoodie Tribute to Trayvon Martin

I wanted our family to take part in some of the Trayvon Martin rallies in downtown Chicago. I thought it would be a good chance to be a part of combating an issue that some in America aren’t brave enough to admit exists.But with rain clouds above and a small one with the sniffles, I scrapped our plans and decided to honor the slain 17-year-old suburban style: We had a Hoodie March to the park. And I use the term “march” loosely, as it was the four of us, including the one who’s still a little new to walking....more

Trayvon Martin's Death and My Children's Future

This is SamuelThis is Aram...more

In Present-Racial America Post-Racial Is Just A Pipe Dream

Yesterday marked a month since Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. Till this day, Zimmerman is a free man, while Trayvon's parents and millions of others are calling for justice. If you take a look around the internet this week, you'll also notice the smear campaign that is being directed towards Trayvon as well. Sealed school documents have been released in reference to his suspension from school. His tweets and Facebook page has been scoured and put under scrutiny. ...more

"Why Is Rue Black?" Racism and the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games opened this weekend as the third-highest grossing film of all time, behind only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two, and The Dark Knight....more
Honestly I didn't care about the race of the actors. I still thought the movie was dynamite. I ...more