Ranch Chicken

Delicious, fast, and easy!!! Who doesn't love that combination right there, that's the way all life should be right? Bite into this ranch chicken and your mouth will be salivating for more.A Mama Happily Interrupted: Ranch Chicken...more

My Cobb Salad with Egg and Dairy Free Ranch

I'm not the biggest fan of ranch, but sometimes I get a craving for it that just won't go away. Like my cravings for buffalo wings. Sheesh! Don't get me started on those. A ranch craving popped up about a week ago, and ever since I've been dairy and egg free, I have not for the life of me been able to find a decent ranch dressing! I also haven't been able to find a dairy free ranch seasoning, until last week....more

Chicken Bacon Ranch

This recipe is very simple to put together, and only takes about 30 minutes to prepare.   Things you will need ...more

Creamy Ranch Chicken Pasta

Bacon. Ranch. Cheese. Pasta.What more can you ask for in a dish?...more

Reader Ask, I Answer: Ranch Dressing

Question:  “Who invented Ranch Dressing and why is there not a national holiday for this person?” -Amy P  Portland, OR...more

Are you looking for recipes? I am always working on them and I just posted

I just posted Ranched up mock mashed potatoes this is a great way to get Cauliflower in the kids and they will love it.  Check out this new recipe and many others.  Leave your email at my site and I will send you 5 of my favorite recipes from my latest cookbook.  http://bit.ly/dnJMwj...more