Single Does Not = "Broken"

In light of the recent developments in marriage equality, I’d like to address the concerns of single people....more
@RandyDerrell I agree, getting into relationships and even marriage when you're not ready is ...more

What's wrong with wrinkles?

My most recent review over on my own freshly created blog was for Missha Signature Wrinkle Filling BB Cream . Wait, what was that, I hear you say. Is that a wrinkle filling cream I paid money for? Why did feminist, outspoken, ballsy me who has so much to say about the unrealistic standards of beauty for women, get a wrinkle cream?...more

A Few “Selfish” Notes on Feminism

It seems everywhere these days I’m encountering a fresh spate of “selfish vs. unselfish” when it comes to any kind of female choice. And frankly, I’m getting tired of it. I’m sick of women decrying each other as “selfish” when they make a choice that the original woman didn’t agree with. I’m sick of people falling all over each other to defend their choices in the wake of an extremely judgemental online and offline community....more

Caillou is going down

Caillou has become an institution in my sons TV library. I'm not sure how or when it started- possibly during the early years of complete parental ignorance and confusion, and having 2 children within 17 months might have contributed to it as well. There must have been a time where relative peace and quiet trumped quality of parenting. I hope my lovely wife and I were just too exhausted to pay enough attention to what we put on the TV for him....more
Hahaha! If there is one thing I do not miss it is Caillou! Wait until you have to watch Zac and ...more

Dear Teacher, I Am "That Parent"

That's right, people. That would be me. I am the parent who called the preschool teacher because her daughter came home in tears, and I needed to know why. I am the parent who introduces letter and number recognition to two-year olds. I am That Parent, whose preschooler will read, whose kindergartener will write, whose children will understand basic math before Grade One....more
As a teacher I love parental interaction; unfortunately I do not often get in at the Title One ...more

Sticky McStickerson...

I am starting to wonder if I will be sticky for the rest of my life.  I never really paid much attention to how often I was sticky before having kids.  Probably because I wasn't ever sticky.  Or if I was sticky, I would wash my hands and be done with it for another year or so.  But after having children I find that sticky has become a way of life.  I am forever sticky...gummy...tacky...and not in that tacky "I'm wearing teal toe nail polish" kind of way.  (I mention that because I just made this poor choice today.  Not sure what I was thinking.  I thi...more

Incompetent...or incapable? THAT is the question!

Is it just me, or is there an awful lot more screw ups these days?...more

SAHM? Crap job? You're LAZY!

The Mad Housewife and Mad Merlot Mama blog at Desperately Seeking Coffee @

Why You Hate Me: the Collective Edition

The Mad Housewife and Mad Merlot Mama blog at Desperately Seeking Coffee @   ...more

Black Men, Don't Get Mad!

I have been on one date with a white guy.  The date was horrible, but it is besides the point.  When I was on this date, I got the side-eye from black men.  Some guys actually shouted, “What we aren’t good enough?” I heard murmurs from various black men,             “Wtf…!!”     “And she fine…!?”         ...more