Mini Raw Samoa Cheesecakes

The first time I had a raw cheesecake was when I was in Maui for my wedding/honeymoon. While we were there we found this awesome little vegan(with the exception of some uses of honey) restaurant called Choice Health Bar.  We had just gotten off the four hour plane ride and we were starving.  I used my handy Happy Cow app and found Choice. And I am so glad I did. more>>...more

Fifty Recipes: Mother's Day All Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I have no idea where I’ll be this year. My younger son finishes finals hundreds of miles away the day before. I think he’ll need help getting all of his crap stuff home so it’s possible I’ll be on the road.For those of you not spending Mother’s Day in a car, I hope you have something great planned. And since I’m not putting together my own celebration this year, I may as well help you plan yours....more

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

Hi Friends, it’s Friday dance time! I’m so excited for this weekend. There’s a pool party calling my name. I’m half fish, in case you guys didn’t know ...more

divine dinner recipes

My cousin has a food blog called Flour & Spice and the recipes on there are absolutely delicious. She’s got a mix of South Asian and Western cuisine, covering both savoury and sweet. The best part is her recipes are simple to follow and gets you the result you want....more

Cooking Guru: S3E1 Bacon Cheesy Grits & Fried Egg

Bacon Cheesy Grits & Fried Egg  (Breakfast Episode)Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 15 minutesServes 2...more

How to save money on food when traveling

Food can take a big part of your travel budget, especially if you decide to stay in a tourist area or you like to eat out most of the time.That’s why we prepared a list of simple tips and things you can do, as well as easy recipes that will help you save money on food without feeling deprived....more

Origin and Benefits of Slow Cooker

Many of us have been reading, writing, sharing various slow cooker recipes till now. But we seldom get to read about the origin and story behind slow cookers....more

Quinoa Topped Zucchini Rounds

Leslie @ Balancing Cinderella RecipesPlease take a moment to visit my blog for many fabulous recipes...more