Twice Baked Potatoes


Cod in Creamy Peanut Sauce & Vegetables

A quick and delicious weeknight meal in under 30 minutes. Cod and garbanzo beans cooked in a creamy peanut sauce. Served on a bed of brown rice with spinach, carrots, and broccolini. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and you’re good to go!I love the idea of combining fish with a creamy Asian-style sauce. Some of my favorite foods are Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese....more

Baked Creamy Chicken and Biscuit Stew

A simple semi-homemade 7 ingredient chicken and biscuit stew. Dinner in under 40 minutes can be yours! ...more

Slow Cooker Ground Turkey and Hash Browns Casserole

A deliciously healthy slow cooker recipe made with ground turkey, hash browns, and cauliflower. It’s  sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  It’s been warm in the Midwest the last few weeks although the calendar says were in mid-September. So I feel like it’s too early for slow cooker meals but I’m going with it anyway....more

Slow Cooker Corn Chowder with Blackened Chicken

A simple, slow cooker meal – corn chowder with blackened chicken. Two steps to a weeknight meal  that is pure comfort food at its finest. ...more

12 Fall Soup Lover Recipes

As seasons change so to will our appetite. We tend to gravitate toward hot and hearty meals. Today I have for you 12 soup recipes that are sure to warm you up and keep you satisfied. Most of these will fit as a stand-alone meal with a small side. It may seem daunting to have to make soup from scratch but not with these recipes. It’s easy enough to make soup at home....more

Jacked 'Carnitas' Bowl

MsVegan.comRecipe link HEREOne of my new favorite quick and easy Mexican dishes! Can also be served in a tortilla!  ...more

Fried Tomato BLT  This sandwich is out of control GOOD. The perfect amount of crunch that melts into your mouth!  ...more

Amazing Flatbread Topped with Duck Bacon and Figs

4 Ingredient Skillet flatbread topped with crispy duck bacon, fresh figs, and creamy manchego cheese. It’s Friday and I’ve got a treat for you. It has become one of my favorite flatbread recipes to date.It combines manchego cheese, fresh fig slices, duck bacon, and fresh baby kale. Is it possible to crave duck bacon? Yes and that’s why I bought more this week....more

Best of August - Recipes in Review

I'll admit, I've barely cooked this month.  On July 30 our little girl entered this world and we've been consumed with love, snuggles, diapers, feeding, burp cloths, and healing.  In the midst of this transition we have been well fed by family and friends, for which I am immensely grateful!Breakfast...more