Fried Tomato BLT  This sandwich is out of control GOOD. The perfect amount of crunch that melts into your mouth!  ...more

Amazing Flatbread Topped with Duck Bacon and Figs

4 Ingredient Skillet flatbread topped with crispy duck bacon, fresh figs, and creamy manchego cheese. It’s Friday and I’ve got a treat for you. It has become one of my favorite flatbread recipes to date.It combines manchego cheese, fresh fig slices, duck bacon, and fresh baby kale. Is it possible to crave duck bacon? Yes and that’s why I bought more this week....more

Best of August - Recipes in Review

I'll admit, I've barely cooked this month.  On July 30 our little girl entered this world and we've been consumed with love, snuggles, diapers, feeding, burp cloths, and healing.  In the midst of this transition we have been well fed by family and friends, for which I am immensely grateful!Breakfast...more

Melon Mousse

I know. Summer is almost over. Everyone is moving onto leggings and boots and pumpkin lattes and I'm over here hanging on. I want to suck every last minute of warmth out of the season. Because winter is coming, friends. And fall just means I'm one step closer to freezing to death....more

Foodie Finds | A Weekly Food Post

food·ie noun - a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet....more

"To Die For" Bacon, Alfredo & Spinach Pizza

A few weeks ago, while showering, I started to think about pizza. Everyone does this right?  Except that sometimes I have an exotic itch that needs scratched. This time it centered around balsamic vinegar. I can't get enough of the stuff, especially as a dip for artisan bread. It would only follow that it should work with the right type of pizza, no? Oh yeah, let's get some bacon in there too, right? Obviously, I assumed that Pinterest could take care of this for me?Except no, because sadly I found that where such a recipe should exist, Pinterest remained silent....more

Cherry Almond Butter Smoothie

(Yes I do!)...more

The BEST Banana Bread EVER! (With cinnamon topping!)

 Make sure you visit COCOANDASH.COM to see all my recipes!...more

Eggless Cherry and Pistachio Bread

(You’ve got to be kidding)This is a simple bread to make. Fresh cherries embedded into a cake like dough. Not too sweet and the pistachios give it some texture. Do you need to bring a dish for brunch? Look no further and try this recipe. ...more

Roasted Chickpeas on a pizza pizzazz

I try ...more