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Ingredientes:6 ovos200 gr de açúcar125 gr de farinha de trigo125 gr de amêndoas com pele moídas1 colher de chá rasa de fermento em póPreparação:...more

Sunday Pasta®: Fusilli Integrale con Lenticchie (Whole Wheat Pasta with Lentils)

To ensure variety and balance,  I generally rotate these Sunday Pasta recipes so as to offer meat, fish, cheese, or vegetable dishes. Of course, these ingredients are each perfect on their own, but can be easily combined....more

Ground turkey and red sauce on shredded zucchini

This meal qualifies as one of the easiest I know. It consists of a jar of red sauce, ground turkey, and zucchini. Not only is it easy but it is filling but not in a pasta filling kind of way. Does that make sense? Serves 4Ingredients...more

February Oki Pies

This month the ladies of Oki Pies got together at my house for a delicious Italian meal! I had a great time hosting and I think Mark did, too. In fact, the day after he said, "So, when are you hosting the next dinner?? That food was good!"...more

Baked feta and dill stuffed mushrooms

I bought dill the other day with no real idea what to use it on. As luck would have it I came up with this delightful feta and dill stuffed mushroom recipe. These can be prepared quickly and cook for about 10 minutes in the oven. Serves 2Ingredients...more

Dark Chocolate Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting

Dark chocolate is good for you. Fact.   I used to do public relations for a chocolate company so my job included finding articles weekly that touted the health benefits of eating chocolate. And there are lots of studies! Chocolate comes from cacao beans from cacao trees and is full of natural plant nutrients....more

Plan Your Oscar Party With Our Recipe Blowout: 9 Themed Menus

The Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday. Whether you're planning a blowout Oscar-watching party or just kicking it with a few friends, here are some menus that are inspired by the nominees for Best Picture. ...more
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Quick Tips on How to Cook a Healthier Meal

If you want to cook healthier meals, there are basic steps you can take to achieve your goals:...more

Homemade Granola

Okay, so it isn't too flashy with lots of bells and whistles, but I am telling you, this is the most delicious granola you will ever taste!  Nothing beats homemade, and granola is no different.  I never thought of it as something I would make until my sister was cooking up a batch recently.  It was so simple and alsp important, inexpensive!  Let's face it, granola is expensive and this simple recipe makes a big batch at a fraction of the cost. ...more