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Recipe Monday - Holiday Side Dishes

I made some really easy sides the other day for Christmas dinner. Now, these won't be winning any awards for the "from-scratchiest-bestest-hardest-ever" category, but if you've only got 30 minutes and you need something to bring to a dinner party, they are delicious.Candied Yams:...more

Top Must Have Dishes & Kitchen Accessories for Christmas Time

Every time around the holidays, people are looking for their traditional favourites, whether that’s rum balls, bread stuffing or Grandma’s “special” hot cocoa.  Without these mainstays of Christmas fare, the holidays just don’t seem the same.  There might also be specific kitchen accessories you may find you can’t do without; these are the gadgets that make your life easier in the kitchen, particularly at Christmas time.Your go-to Christmas dishes should include:...more

What Goes With What? The Do-Re-Mi of Food Pairing

cupcakes via Enjoy! Bespoke Events It’s true that there’s no accounting for taste, but some foods just seem to go together....more

To Eggnog or to Eggnog...Homemade vs. Pre-made

I am not a sweet drink lover, but always look forward to eggnog at Christmastime.  Below you will find a medley of eggnog recipes from Martha, to a fancy Home based Mixologist, to my Aunt Debbie and her Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream Eggnog.  Please enjoy some eggnog admiring!  Martha Stewart Traditional Eggnog Recipe...more

How To: Tempeh

Before I even begin this How-To discussion on tempeh, I want you to make me a promise!  Yes promise me…over the internet…that you will read this whole post before making an “official decision” on tempeh.  It might sound a little funky and strange and maybe a tad bit scary.  But trust me as a serious food lover, I wouldn’t steer you down the path of bland, not so tasty, scary food items.  Come on guys, you know I live to eat!  And like I tell my younger clients – my tasting rule is “you can’t say ‘ew’ or ‘yuck’ before you’ve tried it.”  Or in this case, no ew or...more
I've always wanted to try tempeh, just never got around to doing it.  Next time I am at the ...more

Recipe Monday - Delicious Fish Recipe

I never have good titles for these things, but this recipe is great. RECIPE:...more

Sunday Pasta®: Manicotti

Christmas Eve for me just wouldn’t be complete without a hearty serving of manicotti and a teary viewing of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”...more