Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get Me Down

Blah. It’s raining today, and it’s hot and uncomfortable inside Glo-Worm’s house. What do you do all day when it’s pouring rain and you’re nannying? I’m not a fan of the TV, as I’ve said, so we’ll probably only watch one show. After 20 minutes in which I’ll hold Glo-Worm on my lap while she sucks her thumb, we’re bored again. So now what?...more

Quiche and Monkey Bribe I . . .Mean Bread

 Which is worse, quiche for dinner or stitches between the eyes?  I always thought I was a decent cook.  Not “food network is knocking at your door” material, but I could hold my own.  As it turns out, I’m worse than a hole in the face. My first hint came when the kids were little. We were sitting at the table listening to them whine about dinner and in exasperation Rick says “Listen, I eat plenty of things I don’t like around here and you don’t hear me complaining”.  Sheesh, thanks for the help. ...more
 @cdrdash  Moms should never have to go through holes in the face. I was more traumatized than ...more

The Great Reveal: Salmon Wellington

At the gym today I might have stumbled upon the Maury Show. Riveting television. Seems Maury has changed the formula for these types of programs and is now the great rapid revealer of all truths. Today’s program was filled with cheating husbands, lying wives and paternity mysteries. Previously, these types of programs would make you wait :56 minutes before finding out the results of the DNA or lie detector tests. Not anymore. The new formula: Maury revealed results in six different cases in rapid fire succession....more

weekly menu planner {back-to-school week}

this week i am doing a back-to-school series on the blog!i get excited every year at this time, even though i am sad to say goodbye to summer, i look forward to more structured days and weeks. the new beginnings with new classes, books, teachers, and friends....more

Guerillas in the Midst of Shrimp Tacos

I'm a little bit of a homophone-ophobe. This is a real condition. Seriously. It describes a person who fears words that sound similar but have two entirely different meanings. Like it was so sweet of the hotel to give us this suite. And I loved the kind maid who made the bed. Just typing it makes me shutter. In the '70's there were constant news reports about the Sandinista Guerillas in Nicaragua. In our house, once my father was home, we watched the news. Well, at least the news was on. I can't say I really was watching it....more

Toot Sweet 4 Two-Who We Are

Welcome to our Sweet Life…every frenzied minute of it!...more

blueberry muffins make your day more manageable. Fact.

blueberry muffins...more

Sunday Pasta®: Orecchiette con la Rucola (Arugula)

All hail arugula…the Caesar of salads.  This may come as a surprise, but arugula was not discovered twenty years ago in some trendy London or New York restaurant. In fact, from the Latin name eruca, it has grown wild around the Mediterranean since Roman times, when it was consumed as an aphrodisiac....more

Easy Thai Chicken Pizza

This recipe incorporates three of my most favorite things; pizza, Thia food and peanut butter. How can you go wrong when you add all these things together? It is very easy, but makes you look like a an accomplished chef. Okay, maybe not an accomplished chef, but more like a decent cook with skills....more

Tasty Tuesday: Potato Surprises