Recipe Monday - Simple BBQ Pork

This is a meal I make when I have no energy to put into making a dinner. ...more

Inspired to write by a chewy granola bar

 “Marge, it’s 3 a.m. Shouldn’t you be baking?” – Homer SimpsonI have a huge announcement to make that will come as no big surprise…some days I just can’t get it into gear....more

Vegan Raw Food Cleanse

Celebrate the inauguration of a “new you” with a vegan raw food cleanse. It just might be the change you’re looking for. We consulted with nutrition guru and personal chef Sitarani “Sita” Brian to find a cleanse that would detoxify our bodies without depriving us entirely of solid food. Her solution: A surprisingly delicious (and easy to stick to) vegan raw food cleanse....more

Strawberry Shortcupcakes


Sunday Pasta®:Pastina

Woe is me.  I was under the weather last week, to say the least.  In between the misery and the self pity (and the gallows humor), I saw my life flash before my eyes. It wasn’t as ugly as that of Ebenezer, but it sure wasn’t that pretty either.  A common comforting thread, however, was pasta....more

31 Days of Nutella Anniversary Blog Giveaway

1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BLOGCan't believe it's been a year! At this point this blog is averaging over a thousand page views per month, with all time views of nearly 5000! Thank you so much for reading! ...more

Sunday Pasta®: Pasta Fredda da Giulio (Pasta Salad with Salmon and Peppers)

I don’t want to burden you with my food hang ups, but you should know that  I’m repulsed by mayonnaise. I once saw an “I Hate Mayonnaise” T-shirt in NY and thought to myself, “Ah, finally, someone understands me.” Homemade mayonnaise is a notable exception; it has a fridge life of a few days, not one year.  But industrial mayonnaise is my Kryptonite....more

Almond shortbread cookies (perfect with ice cream)

Are there ever times when you are out to eat and you just want cookies for dessert?  You don’t want chocolate to kill you or cheesecake to cost you another 1,000 calories – you just want a sweet little nibble.  I feel that way often, especially after too many French fries.  And I found out recently I’m not alone. ...more

Citrus Ravioli in a Shrimp Sauce

Last Thursday our guests did not show up for their Hands on cooking class with Daniela and I. With my kitchen organized for a class I just had to get in there and start cooking! With a fridge full of seasonal goodness. I decided to make home made pasta.  I made hand made tagliatelle for that evening with my two sons Diego (1 1/2yrs) and Giulio (4 1/2 yrs) you can imagine what the kitchen looked like after we had finished making tagliatelle!I also made Citrus Ravioli with Ricotta and freezed them. We enjoyed them last night with a shrimp sauce. ...more

Sunday Pasta®: Linguine con Zucchine e Gamberetti (Zucchini and Shrimp)

Contrary to what is believed in Texas and New York, bigger is not always better. I believe this to be true for shrimp, squash, and tongues. Stay with me. By tongues, I mean those made of pasta, i.e, linguine, which is the plural, diminutive form of lingua, and so means “little tongues” in Italian....more