Rice pudding pie (Rijstevlaai)

This rice pudding pie is not overly sweet, but simple and rich due to the creamy, soft texture created by the combination of simple ingredients. The recipe is not very difficult although it is a bit long....more

Cake Cookies


Chicken....it's what's for dinner

The other day I got some recipe cards in the mail.  I did what I always do and took out the recipe cards and tossed the junk.  I never sign up for stuff like that since there are plenty of recipes online.  Ever heard of Allrecipes.com?  Or Google? I have a box of recipe cards in a cabinet somewhere from a similar thing….actually, they are VERY similar.  The thing is the recipe cards never stop....more

Tortilla Soup Has NO Calories

Okay, technically tortilla soup does have calories, but I'm a bit amazed at how few.  The chicken broth base has next to nothing.  The gobs of vegetables we added has next to nothing.  The chicken we cooked and threw in is really what did it and even that was pretty minimal for an evening meal.  Of course, tortillas in tortilla soup could certainly up the calories, but we forgot to put those in and never even noticed they were missing- the soup was THAT good.So this starts opening up the world of foods for me....more

Healthy Delicious Recipes

Recently I was privileged to learn some cooking tips from Chef Jacques at El Camino hospital.  He made a delicious chicken with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers and sun dried tomatoes.  It was low-sodium, and yet delicious because he used herbs for seasoning....more

Recipe Monday - White Wine Steak Sauce

  Sippy cups not included. RECIPE:...more

Sunday Pasta™: Fusilli con Funghi, Pancetta e Pinoli (Mushrooms and Pine Nuts)

I have no idea where this recipe comes from. I know that my mamma has been making it deliciously for decades, but from there its origins are obscure. Maybe it hails from a quaint village in northern Italy. Or just maybe it hails from a quaint village in northern New Jersey. Hmm… Either way, to me it is a quintessentially fall or winter dish. Pinoli (pine nuts), pancetta, and fresh mushrooms combine to serve up the colors, tastes, and smells of a cool crisp day....more
Thanks for the blogher feature! Great news! Edmore

Make this soup! Healthy lasagna soup: Laine style

Out of all the meals I’ve made this week, lasagna soup has been the fan favorite! And between our regular meal plan and the kids being sick, I’ve made a lot of soup this week....more
@Laine Griffin even better than the first time. it's a go to recipe in our arsenal now :) ...more

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

A few months ago I bought a box of organic quinoa at Trader Joe's, but never did anything with it -- until last night. I guess I was a little intimidated by it, but I'm not sure why because it was so simple to make and really soaked in the flavor of the other ingredients in these vegan and gluten-free stuffed peppers. I like my stuffed peppers a little bit firmer, but if you prefer them softer, just bake them in the oven longer. I also stuffed only 3 peppers, because they were extra large, but this recipe really makes enough for 4-5 regular sized peppers. ...more