Chocolate salami

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#Pasta, do I need to say more?

Tonight is all about a staple ingredient in every kitchen: Pasta....more

Homemade Eat-More Bars with Toasted Pine Nuts and Smoked Bacon

I recently bought a small slab of locally made smoked bacon; after slicing and cooking the entire slab, I was anxiously brainstorming ways to use all my crispy smoked bacon.  Realizing that I haven’t posted a desert on my site since Christmas, I thought I would cook up something sweet and savory....more

the BEST Eggplant recipes #1

Here's one of my favorite ways to serve eggplant.  Slice your eggplant into 1cm rounds. Then brush with olive oil on both sides....more

Rosemary Sugar Carrots with Recipe!

What a delightful mix, you can never go wrong with rosemary! Today, to continue into Carrot week for our #BeMindfulDaily weekly food highlights - one of our #MindfulGirls Emily has made us these delicious carrots! She used this as a side dish, but these can easily used as a snack - if you have the time or if you prep ahead....more

Wine Poached Chicken Breast with Herb Gravy and Arborio Rice

I never seem to eat as much chicken as I should; this recipe was my mid-week attempt to remedy that and mix things up.  This meal was a complete success and next time around I’m going to add extra chicken breasts to freeze the left-overs into lunch sized portions! Poaching is an excellent way to keep chicken moist and tender…and who doesn’t love anything poached in wine and gravy.  C’mon....more

Club W Review: A New Kind of 'Wine Club'

  Wine Club Revolutionizing How You Discover and Share Wine I’m the first to admit, if it has anything to do with wine, I’m pretty much a sucker for it. I love finding new wines to drink, recommend and add to my party arsenal! So, when I noticed the Facebook ad for W Wine Club I was very intrigued....more
A friend recommended this service, so I gave it a try.  The wines were low quality with very ...more

4 Ingredient Granola Bars

Sweet, chewy, and just enough crumble. These granola bars can be put together lickity split and are oh so tasty....more

White Chicken Chili

I love soups and one of my all time favorites is White Chicken Chili. Today I am sharing a very easy recipe with you from All Recipes.  I have simplified this recipe even more and will share those tips with you....more