How Did You Know?

One of the most asked questions after coming out as an alcoholic was, “how did know you were an alcoholic,” and specifically, what separates an alcoholic from being a heavy drinker?  I found a helpful article from Psychology Today that explains the differences.  I reviewed the list and can identify with fifteen out of the twenty....more

The Two of Us

When I saw today's writing prompt from NaBloPoMo, my initial response to the question of whether I write only for myself or to connect with others was that I do it for the next woman. I couldn't sit down to actually start writing until just now so I had some time to really think about that thing. I came to the conclusion that I do what I do for the two of us. It's for her and for me.Writing to Release...more



What Will Others Think?

From UnPickled Blog:I recently changed my hair colour from (monthly-salon-visit) blonde to (do-it-myself) red. The change was mostly motivated by convenience, and perhaps Julianne Moore played a role, too. When I had an actual hair colour of my own it was strawberry blonde, so neither one feels to foreign to me....more

10 Reasons It Didn't Suck To Be Sober In Italy

Ashley - L'Esperta Thanks, Ashley. I became quite obsessed with cinnamon gelato in particular ...more

Two Years : Experience, Strength, Hope

You are a beautiful, shining example of recovery, Megan. Thank you for standing up and helping ...more

RSAT Group Outside For 3 Hours In Freezing Temps.

RSAT Group Outside For 3 Hours In Freezing Temps.They had to stand outside in freezing temperatures for the store.RSAT is the jail re-hab, but this is crazy! ...more

What The Snow Queen Can Teach About Depression

I've been meaning to read this fairy tale for years, and I'm so glad I finally did. It's beautiful, and it's such a perfect illustration of everything it takes to overcome mental illness that I really have to share. (Pause: yes, this is the Hans Christian Andersen story they took as their inspiration for Frozen, but the two bear only a passing resemblance....more

Living with Anxiety Disorders

My kids sometimes ask me if monsters exit.  I tell them that monsters aren't real.  They aren't hiding under their beds or in their closet.  There is no such thing.But I think we all know that's not exactly true.  Monsters very much do exist.  They just aren't ten feet tall with horns.  We each have our monster.  Mine is anxiety....more

Whew! Looking Back on a Month of Daily Posts

 After 30 posts in 30 days, I am please to say I have successfully completed NaBloPoMo 2014.My goals were to develop a more structured writing discipline and grow my blog. Check and check....more