Coping With A Stormy Day

Stormy weather is often synonymous with mental health struggles. Often images such as stormy seas and waves; are used to describe the challenges faced by people with many different difficulties. The use of these metaphors can work alongside different skills (such as mindfulness, distraction and other distress tolerance techniques) to help people to remember to hold on to hope that one day the storm will past, as it can't live forever....more

Real Talk: Recovering From Birth

The thought of birth and the delivery process is a lot to take in. Your lady bits are going to do something pretty amazing, like pushing out a tiny human being, but in order to do that you’ll be pushing (quite literally) yourself with every fiber of your being leaving your body exhausted, swollen, and in pain. Luckily the care you’ll receive by your doctor(s) and nurses are on point and will make this transition from delivery to recovery much easier....more


“It’s not about the food”.But it is.It may not begin that way, but slowly it becomes a way to cope.Control.It’s about the control.No matter how much you try to deny it.Things change whether you want them to, or not.Peter Pan used to visit me I my dreams.Beckoning me to take the second star on the right.“And straight on till morning.”I dreamt of growing up.Until I saw through the fog.Then I knew, but now there was no going back.Neverland became a place inside me.One where I hid away....more

Dear SNL: Addiction Is No Laughing Matter

When parents are struggling with addiction, the impact their drug use takes on their family — and their children — is no laughing matter.I don’t watch Saturday Night Live. I mean, does anyone watch it anymore? I feel like it ceased being relevant when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler jumped ship....more

Truths of the Heart

All my life, I've "felt" things. I've never spoken (or in this case, written) these words out loud except to two people, but on the day I got married, my intuition was screaming that I shouldn't go through with it. I got married at 2 PM on October 23, 1993, and I left the house at 10 AM to get pantyhose. I took one of the backroads to the store and on the way back, something inside said, "Keep going!" I heard that thing at least four times....more

How Did You Know?

One of the most asked questions after coming out as an alcoholic was, “how did know you were an alcoholic,” and specifically, what separates an alcoholic from being a heavy drinker?  I found a helpful article from Psychology Today that explains the differences.  I reviewed the list and can identify with fifteen out of the twenty....more

The Two of Us

When I saw today's writing prompt from NaBloPoMo, my initial response to the question of whether I write only for myself or to connect with others was that I do it for the next woman. I couldn't sit down to actually start writing until just now so I had some time to really think about that thing. I came to the conclusion that I do what I do for the two of us. It's for her and for me.Writing to Release...more



What Will Others Think?

From UnPickled Blog:I recently changed my hair colour from (monthly-salon-visit) blonde to (do-it-myself) red. The change was mostly motivated by convenience, and perhaps Julianne Moore played a role, too. When I had an actual hair colour of my own it was strawberry blonde, so neither one feels to foreign to me....more

10 Reasons It Didn't Suck To Be Sober In Italy

Ashley - L'Esperta Thanks, Ashley. I became quite obsessed with cinnamon gelato in particular ...more