Under Pressure.

Freddy Mercury has had my ear all week. If a guy is going to sing to me, I’d rather he not be in a wickedly flared jumpsuit open to his navel and erupting in chest hair. But Freddy it is and Freddy it has been all week. And he hasn’t even mixed up the play list.Under Pressure, indeed....more

A God Who Heals

 The other day I read an entry from the devotional Jesus Callingthat is extremely relevant to those battling an eating disorder. I found it so powerful that I have to share it with you. I hope it speaks to you as much as it did me....more

My Programming

This week I was speaking to a group about my journey. It's a short life so far but definately packed pull of life.I was recounting the moment that I thought " this is the man that is going to kill me". See, my mother was killed by my father and my aunt was killed by her ex-boyfriend so it didn't even set of any alarms in my head when that thought crossed the ticker tape of my mind. It seemed only reasonable to expect a man to kill me. And by 32, I had found him.He was a drug addict and charming and had a strange power over me....more

Trying to Regain Some Skills

     So  prior to the great event (aka my stroke) this February I loved cooking.  Truly it didn't bother me when someone asked what was for dinner as I usually woke up thinking what can I make tonight.  OK not every day but most days.  For some reason I don't understand I just can't get back into the swing of it.  Cooking is close to a chore and well my family is paying the price.      You see I was spoiled.  When I first came home, and during my incarceration ~ yes that is what I consider living at Rehab, ...more

365 Days of Carol Anne (Learning to Drive Edition)

Day 192  My eyebrows are growing back in :-) ...more

365 Days of Carol Anne (Adventures in Dermatology — The Full Body Exam Explained)

Day 189 This is my relieved face ...more

Addiction: The Eternal Trickster

The face of addiction is a trickster. Much like the legendary stories of Coyote, Loki & Crow, addiction takes on many forms....more

The SpokenCoast Project: Wheelie bag donation request

Originally published May 23, 2011 on http://spokencoast.org.My body feels much like the cracked plastic of my truck’s blinker light this morning. At least I could easily buy the truck part & replace it. Not so much with my shoulder & neck.  ...more