Long weekend

There is nothing like a weekend when you and your spouse are ill. You never knew that you could possibly sleep as long as you do, and yet, you are literally down for the count, as it were. Then you have the question of what to eat. Our friend recommended more chicken soup, which there for a while, was a question if we ate it, could we keep it…hah, as if… Our four-legged children are quite understanding getting out whenever we can get them out, and sleeping when we seem to either go down or nap. ...more

13 Years Out...My Recovery From An Eating Disorder

My mom was the one who figured it out. That seems to be the way a lot of the time -  moms just know things. My teeth were the giveaway. During summer break after my freshman year at Cal, mom had made an appointment for my yearly dental exam, and I came back with 9 new cavities. She'd noticed some suspicious things before - making big meals, long trips to the bathroom, fluctuating weight, crazy emotional outbursts, but before the trip to the dentist, nothing was too out of the ordinary for an 18 year old girl. But that one did it....more

Ask4Recovery - When will I start feeling better in my recovery?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…When will I start feeling better in my recovery?This is different for each person. We are each on our own unique and personal journey in recovery and I can assure you it does get better. And it also takes time and patience, two qualities many of us in recovery are not used to. ...more

Ask4Recovery - How do I let go of the anger I have about my addictions?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’… How do I let go of the anger I have about my addictions?...more

Ask4Recovery - Is lying ever okay?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…Is lying ever okay?Lying is no longer a part of my life. I live as clean, truthful, and authentic as I can. This coincides with my program of recovery. I believe that lying brings about more pain and sadness and ends up consuming more time and energy than called for. I have a guilty conscience and if I begin the practice of lying, the closer I am back to building up resentments, anger, and before long I could be back engaging in destructive behaviors....more

Ask4Recovery - How do I pick myself back up after a lapse or a relapse?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’… How do I pick myself back up after a lapse or a relapse?This is never easy, but first of all, give yourself credit for wanting to pick yourself back up and get out of the self-destructive mindset. Whether it is a lapse or a full on relapse, it is a very scary and dangerous place to be. The disease of addiction wants us dead and will do everything in its power to take us to a dark, scary, and lonely place....more
I  recently relapsed, I had 16 months of sobriety. Just oneday I was watching tv and the next ...more

Ask4Recovery - How do I stop being dependent on people, places, and things?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…How do I stop being dependent on people, places, and things?Moving away from this dependence takes time. It certainly did and still does at times for me. It requires a psychic shift in our mentality. Years of trained and maladaptive behavior does not just disappear. I still see that dependence pop up, but now I no longer entertain that concept as the relationship with myself continues to grow stronger and flourish. That need for external validation is no longer there, as long as I work my program of recovery, one day at a time....more

Ask4Recovery - What does recovery mean to you?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…What does recovery mean to you?Recovery means the world to me. It is a way of life. The blueprint and model of my life as well. The principles and tools I have learned in my program of recovery keep me stable, keep me sober, and give me peace of mind. All qualities I was so distant from when I was active in my addictions. I am able to create a life worth living with my recovery. Able to be held accountable, credible, trusted. Most importantly I am able to give and receive love in ways I never thought possible....more

Ask4Recovery - What does abstinence from my addictions mean?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…What does abstinence from my addictions mean?The definition of abstinence is, “the fact or practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something.” With alcohol and drugs, that means not picking up that first drink or drug. With an eating disorder, abstinence is much more unique. Each person’s definition of abstinence in recovery from an eating disorder is different. We need food to survive, multiple times a day, so restraint is not possible. ...more

Ask4Recovery - How can I be forgiving of something traumatic that happened to me?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…How can I be forgiving of something traumatic that happened to me? This is very hard. I understand. A lot of these traumatic events happened when we were young and naïve. When we were taken advantage of and had no choice in the matter....more