Behind the Scenes of "The Bubble Hour"

"The Bubble Hour" is a wildly popular recovery-related podcast that allows listeners to hear real people tell real stories about addiction and recovery. The audience ranges from those are deciding if they should quit drinking, to those who have a loved one in recovery and want to know what it is really like for them, to people who consider the show an essential part of their own sobriety journey.In today's post, I give a behind-the-scenes account of how we pull this amazing project together week after week:...more

Life Lessons from an Optician

I picked up my new glasses yesterday. Thanks to a “BOGO” sale I purchased two pairs to cover my dual identities:  “posh businesswoman” and “sporty grandma on the go”. I’m just one week into my health insurance coverage calendar and I’ve already spent the entire year’s allowance.It’s my first rodeo with progressive lenses – the kind with a distance prescription in the top, a reading part at the bottom, and an intermediate range between them. The sides are a no-man’s land of distortion so good-bye to peripheral vision....more

The Great Armor Giveaway

Back when I was a ball-busting, suit-wearing, coffee-jacked, wine-numbed workaholic I spent a lot of money on clothes. Everything I wore was a suit of armor.I believed that if I looked perfect at all times, I could repel criticism. Don’t like what I’m saying? Zing! It bounces off me, I am perfect. Doubt my abilities? Poof! Vaporized – I am perfect. Challenge my leadership? Kablam! Explosion before impact –I am perfect and so you, therefore, are wrong....more

Side Effects of Cardiac Medicines

I'm on so many medications that honestly, I confess, I have not read all of the side effects and warnings for each and every single one.  Normally, this is something that I would do any time I was prescribed a new medication.  But since all of these meds came at one time, and it was a little overwhelming, I figured if I read ALL of the side effects, I would become even more paranoid about every little thing I felt.I have had a few "side effects" that I think I can attribute to my new meds.  Some of these I've looked up, some of these I have not....more
Thank you for sharing. I never knew that about medicine side effects. Wowmore

Bump In The Night

This is the hallway from my bedroom to my office. ...more

Are You A Recovery Hero?

You may remember your old high-school English lessons about the “Hero’s Journey” that involves four distinct...more

Will I Ever Be "Normal"?

Welcome to day 1 of National Blog Posting Month!  Today I am posting something I wrote earlier this week.  Not to worry, I will be writing new stuff on here and as always at my main blog, Not A Punk Rocker for every day in November   I plan to make some things exclusive to BlogHer as well....more

Overcoming the Fear of Joy

This is such a sweet season for us. Having a three year old and now being pregnant with our second leaves me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, hope and lots of joy. There was a time when I never could have sat back and enjoyed this time. For a long time I had such a fear of being happy or joyful. ...more
It is hard to break away from that old way of thinking. Encouraging to know I'm not the only one!more

Mom in her 40s

Mom died too young of ovarian cancer.  I miss her.  She taught me the important things.  Be kind.  Think hard.  Never be afraid.  Care.  Tolerate differences.  Go out and play.  She tried to teach me to talk less and listen more.   Still working on that one, Mom.   P.S. enjoy this short audio created to honor mom:
To hear the audio version, please visit

Writing My Scars. Why I Share too Much in my Blogs.

I am a strangely private person. I say that because I keep my 'stuff' close to the vest. I'm not one to let people know if something is going on with me. I don't share my problems, or discuss my difficulties. However, once I gain a little understanding and truth about my process, I will share it all. Down to the last gory detail. Showing every bump, bruise and scar. Why? Because I am supposed to. I have to. It's my job. It's my call. I wouldn't be me if I didn't....more