The 12 Steps of Getting Over A Break-Up

Imagine that -- working the steps in every area of our lives including a devastating breakup. This is what keeps us sober and clean and sane. And really the whole relationship experience will be for naught unless we learn something from it, yes? Yes. Let's work our way through this. ...more
This is another great 12 step program and comes with community. So ...more

Just Sign Here

It is amazing to me. I, myself, order up something from the Universe and then spend a great deal of time and energy trying to decide if I will actually accept delivery of the very thing I (myself) ordered. It must be some form of insanity....more
I opened the door and received. It was amazing. more

Sometimes Clients Are The Best Teachers

I used to get the strangest reactions from people when I told them I was a substance abuse therapist. Usually it went something like this:"Oh my, God bless you.""Oh, that must be so hard. What amazing work you do.""Really? So what are they like?""What's the craziest thing anyone has ever done?""Has anyone ever threatened you?"My personal favorite was from my mortgage consultant when I refinanced my house. She said, "Boy, it takes a different sort of bird to do that kind of work." Um, thanks?...more

Cross Post: Normal, Unique, & Crazy

Every normal person, in fact, is only normal on the average. His ego approximates to that of the psychotic in some part or other and to a greater or lesser extent. -Sigmund FreudIf you want to know a way to make me really upset, simply respond to any challenge or problem that I’m having with one of these phrases (or something like it):But everybody has that problem.orWe all have that issue.or...more  @Barbarahughes Heyyyy Robin! Yes, so sorry I've been away! The light will ...more

My Life Since Coming Out of the Closet or How Facebook Saved My Life

Coming out of the closet is one thing, LIVING out of the closet is something quite different...

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Healing Pains of the Past 6-1-12

Healing pains of the past may be just the right medicine to achieve full recovery of your soul.Right now, your stability requires giving some thought to decisions and letting go of feeling divided.Opposing Energies: past heartaches, indecision, fear, incompleteness, extravagance, delays.The possibilities of achieving a beloved, a career or lifestyle change, may manifest sooner than you think....more

12 Step Recovery and Me

I have been in 12 Step recovery for many years. I initially began because of my co-dependency. The steps gave me  a clear path back to a life of integrity. I later went for my addiction to food - overeating and dieting. I now have a daily reprieve from that disease by the grace of a Higher Power. The 12 Steps are wise. They start with admitting I am powerless over the compulsions that had run my life. I am not powerless over many things, but my behavior showed that I was power over these compulsive behaviors....more
This was a beautiful post, Barbara, and I am sure that it will be encouraging to anyone that ...more

Understanding Relapse

I said goodbye to a dear friend last week. She was magnetic, effervescent, beautiful and hilarious. She was a preschool teacher.She was only 42-years-old when she died.Liz struggled for decades with drug addiction, alcoholism and severe depression. At one point in time, she stayed sober for 4 years – after her best drinking buddy died of alcoholism at only 33-years-old, leaving behind two beautiful children. During those 4 years she was in love with recovery and full of hope. She was of service to others and had a large group of friends who loved her unconditionally....more

My Afterlife Series - Dissing Anxiety

By Susan Keats, Contributor &  Seize-the-Day Propagandist...more

Last Day...To be continued (cross post)

I used to think that recovery was leading me to something beautiful. But it’s lead me to nothing but emotional pain. Maybe my concept of beauty needs revision. -Michele Whitney...more