My Husband is 22 Years Older Than Me

Last year, I married a man 22 years my senior. I'm 41 years old....more
Hello Jennifer,  I enjoyed your blog, as I relate to it. My long term boyfriend is 20 years ...more

He Cheated, Now What...Does The "Cheater Gene" Really Exist?

  Cheating is super fun for some people. Like, “Thrill Seekers” who are literally turned on not so much by the act of cheating, but by the possibility of being caught while doing so. Cheating has gone on since the beginning of time whether it be on a test (which we all did in high school…damn algebra), or on our partners. Why do we cheat? Is there a true genetic predisposition to be a “cheater” or have we all just lost our sense of impulse control? First, we have to look at why constitutes cheating on your partner. Here is where things can get tricky because we all have our own interpretations of what cheating actually is. For some its dancing with someone that is not their partner at a club, or watching porn. Other people feel texting someone that is not their partner is cheating. Those acts are not even physical, but can be considered cheating. Then, there are the physical acts of kissing, touching or having sex with someone who is not your partner....more

The Grass is Always Greener...

This past week has been filled with so much heartbreak. Not just for the people of France, Russia, Syria, and all of the other countries that have been affected by terror, natural disaster, and pain--but, also for individual families. Families who I have known my entire life. Families that have had to walk through pain and darkness that I cannot even imagine....more

I'm Not a Pocket Person

I don’t like to keep things in my pockets; I never did. I appreciate pockets as a resting place for idle hands or for a good pose, but I never thought pockets were convenient for storing things like wallets, keys, cell phones. I’m like the Princess and the Pea and I feel anything and everything in any pocket. ...more

Why I Defend The Person Who Rejected Me

People make mistakes. Sometimes, they react poorly when they’re exposed to something shocking. Last week, I shared a very personal story about rejection (which you should absolutely read before this if you haven’t yet). Even though it's been over a year since it happened, and I’ve changed in countless ways, I found myself in tears while writing the end of the piece. I couldn’t stop thinking about why that was the case....more

Six Things to Look for in a Life Partner

A letter to my children about love: I want all three of you to know what love is.  I hope that you never have the opportunity to learn from experience what it isn't.  My wish for you is that you find a life partner who understands you right through to your soul.  Below is a list of things you should look for in a life mate. ...more

9 Signs You're Being A Drama Queen

Let’s face it, nobody appreciates a drama queen… but most of us aren’t willing to admit when we’re being one. That selfish and ugly attitude isn’t just turning off your man (or woman), it’s also pushing away your friends and loved ones. We all have our moments, but let’s try to keep them to a minimum. So before you get confrontational, and swear that this doesn’t apply to you, check out some of these sure signs that you are in fact, being a drama queen:...more
Lol I fell that dramas almost every yearmore

Relationships Build the Memories that are Left When You Die

Life comes down to papers and photos, and sometimes not even that. The important things in life are not what you have collected over the years but the relationships you develop....more

The Good Ole Days are Now

There was never any good old days They are today, they are tomorrow It's a stupid thing we say Cursing tomorrow with sorrow — Gogol Bordello, the song “Ultimate” ...more