When An Online Dating Site Matches You With Your Ex

When it comes to love, and relationships, I know I tend to give people too many chances. Many times, those chances are built on the basis that maybe there is a reason I am meeting this person, or maybe the circumstances previously, just weren’t correct.In the case of Frat Guy, who I dated in college, and gave way too many chances to then, I do sometimes think about him, and that if we met at a different time in our lives, we would have been really good together....more
I love this!  I couldn't imagine anything worse than being "matched" with an ex! Great story - ...more

10 Awesome Winter Date Ideas

The winter season is here and the cold weather is keeping us indoors, but that shouldn't stop you from having date night! Unfortunately we can’t utilize the outdoors as much as we would like to, so here at T2B we have conjured up a list of creative and romantic ideas for you to use to woo your special someone. ...more

The End Of A Good Life...

My mother’s husband has died. Her husband of twenty-seven years peacefully died after suffering his 4th stroke on Christmas Eve....more

How To Get Through Fighting In Your Marriage

Marriage is a partnership.  It may not be a 50/50 split but hopefully it is two people working together to grow a thriving family life.  One person may be the bread winner and the other takes center stage when it comes to raising the kids.  Or perhaps you both work and you both contribute to the running of the household.  So what happens when the Family, LLC has a breakdown?  When one of the CEO’s makes bad decisions or doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain.  How can you effectively get through choppy family waters together? ...more

Are You and Your Partner Talking About Money?

How often do you talk about money with your partner, your friends, or even your coworkers? Are you comfortable discussing money?...more
We use google docs for our budget too. Every tie we update the budget, we create a new tab in ...more

Road Trip!

Is This Lust A Must?

 Most of us can relate to the butterflies in your stomach kind of excitement you feel when meeting someone new that you are attracted to.  This doesn’t happen with everyone you meet and you really can’t force this kind of immediate chemistry, it is either there or it isn’t.  This feeling is called lust.  Lust is an intense desire or craving and in this case it is sexual.  Your hormones react to the hormones in another person and you become turned on.   Sexual attraction however can build over time.  You may start off as friends but over time build a p...more

She's My Partner, Not My Sidekick

One disadvantage to blogging is that I get “the glory” while Laura (Ledcat) often gets overlooked. And when I get the beat down side of a stick, she gets that, too. Unfair....more

Single Woman's Encyclopedia of Random Randy Thoughts & Dick-tionary Definitons

The SS40 Encyclopedia of Random Randy Thoughts and Dick-tionary Definitions. ~Hard dicks are all the same. Gigantic flaccid phalluses and short, soft schlongs are similar in size when erect. The little guy is an overachiever. The big guy doesn’t put out much effort. Says WebMD. ~Once a man discovers he has a big dick, he never gets over it. He's "fascinated." Also says WebMD....more

Foreplay Fridays!

It’s Friiiiiidddaaaayyyyy! And you know what that means! A fun filled weekend! Well here in Chicago we’ve survived the beginning of the week where we were hit with the Polar Vortex, dangerously cold temps on top of a ton of snow. Luckily for most people here the midwest was closed! No for real, Indiana was closed....more