You Need to Take Care of Yourself First

I can't tell you who or what I am fuming about, but I am fuming. There comes a time in everyone's life where you have just had enough. I was at that place only minutes ago and this is my way of decompressing. I hope you don't mind. ...more
This what I'm doing every minute of each day!! Your so right, once again!!more

I Could Have Lied.

Well, maybe not lied…‘misled’ may be more apposite.I recently wrote an article I posted on Huffington called “It’s Not All About Gratitude: 4 Steps to a Happier 2016.” I posted it on this site, too, albeit with a slightly different title....more

Sum of My Pieces

 and to walk across the floorto an old dresser with a cracked mirror--see myself, ugly, grinning at it all. what matters most ishow well youwalk through thefire.-Charles Bukowski...more

People Don’t Care How Much You Know Unless They Know How Much You Care

 “If you are afraid of being lonely, don’t try to be right.” – Jules Renard ...more

Fierce: My Word for 2016

Okay everybody, it’s that time of year when I start to think about my word for next year. I never make New Year’s resolutions because they seem to get lost in the shuffle of life ‘round about February. However, I have found that if I listen to my instincts and let a word choose me, at the end of the year I'm amazed at how the word has played out in my life....more
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Healing Follows Honesty

 Last week, I was reading a book in which a young girl struggles to reconcile the disharmony she sees between her parents and the 'happy family show' they put on in Church every Sunday. Naturally, she was terribly confused about love, religion, society and knowing what is the truth....more

I'm An Intelligent Woman and I Got Catfished!

I wasn’t gonna write about this....more
I had considered starting a dating blog with my other blogger friend just to catalog all the ...more

Flowers and Forgiveness for the One Who Broke My Heart

At the point of forgiveness is freedom. I know because I've been there. Three years ago, a perfect stranger called me and in the midst of heartbreak, with great wisdom, he spoke to my (then) current situation. He later told me, " day you'll send that man flowers and a note saying thank you for getting out of my life." Apostle Ron was so right! Back then, I was so hurt and angry by the complete and utter hell I had been put through. It just didn't seem fair that someone could effortlessly break someone so easily. I was a different person then....more
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Cutting Toxic Energy out of Your Life

Every December right before the new year starts we begin thinking about what our new year’s resolutions will be. A few common resolutions that we tend to think about are being more active, dropping a few pounds, and cutting out sugar but what about cutting out negative energy? One thing that we should start to examine closely is our interpersonal relationships. The relationships that we develop with friends and family have the ability to build us up or break us down mentally and physically....more

The Final Frontier: Lessons in Love

"Sometimes touching another person is more than I can bear."-Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself"I’ll admit it: I’m 34 and in the first real, all-growed-up relationship of my life. Until a few years ago, I never let anyone get close enough to hurt me. Vulnerability was not a color I was willing to wear, and for years I thought that that made me pretty bad-ass. I didn’t need a man to take care of me—I could do it just fine by myself, thank you very much....more