Is Cheating in a Relationship Ever Forgivable?

In my opinion, you have to ask the right questions going into the relationship. These questions include the obvious, “Did any of your past relationships end in cheating on your part?” If the answer is yes, it’s important to know whether the cheating has been a pattern or if it was a one time thing. There is a big debate over the phrase, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. ...more

5 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

One of the benefits of being in a happy and healthy working relationship is that you have someone in your life who thinks you are great.  We believe that people who are dating or married should make each other feel special and bring out the best in one another.  While this may sound obvious, we often hear about the breakdowns in relationships and how they are not working.  We thought we would offer 5 tips to promote a healthy and positive relationship....more

5 Topics to Avoid When on a Date

Whether you are married or newly dating there are some subjects that are just not appropriate to bring up on a date.  They may have merit to discuss at some other time but when you are having an intimate or playful date, these topics will have you slamming on the romance brakes....more
Yes this is true. It is important to know what you are dealing with but some people do change ...more

Conflicting Views

This is a repost from my blog, Celibacy Diaries. The other day, I talked to a man, who had conflicting views about sex, compared to mine. I gave him my views, I listened to his. I haven't called him since. As soon as I told him, I was not having sex, his first question (which annoys me because I heard it before) was How are you going to satisfy your man, if you get into a relationship? I told him I would not.  ...more

What if you just said "no"?

Admit it. Sometimes you just really wanted to say “no”.To attending a programme that you know can’t end fast enough to allow you to leave. To delivering a speech that someone asked you to make. To performing at a concert or being the godparent for someone’s child. Sometimes it’s as simple as running an errand for someone else that would mean carving some time out of your much-anticipated day off, when you promised that you would busy yourself doing nothing....more

Spring clean your closets (and your life)!

Once a year, give or take, some of us do what we call spring cleaning – of our closets, our drawers, or the entire house. Most are known to do this around Christmas time prior to putting up the newly bought curtains. I once did it on an Independence holiday, but nowadays I do it whenever I have the time....more

It's 5 o'clock. Do you know where your mobile phone is?

Seems like I’ve been out of the dating game for too long, because I don’t know how to recognize a phone trawler when I see (or hear) one. You know. Those people who go through their partner’s mobile phone log looking for numbers they don’t recognize and then calling them up? Or, as in my case, returning a call missed from the phone of the significant other?...more

Dancing or Recliners...Weighing The Options

“Ann goes back into the family room to see Cal and Mary dancing! They have moved the coffee table to one side of the room, and they are dancing to an old 50s record as if they have been doing this everyday of their lives for the past 40 years. The boys are watching them with such fascination, like they are seeing fireworks for the very first time. This might be even better! When Ann looks over at Ron, her husband, she sees he is pretty fascinated too, but more fearful he is going to be asked to do the same....more

Is Silence Better Than Communicating?

Ever have a fight with someone and you both do the "silent treatment"?  Is silence really better than communicating......more

My Experience With: Breakups

To put it simply, breakups suck. Unless you are one of the rare people in this world who married your first boyfriend, then you know what I’m talking about. Nothing unites a group of women more than starting a sentence with “We broke up.”(Starting a sentence with “Ryan Gosling” will also unite a group of women just as much, but for argument’s sake, break ups are universal uniters, ok?) Most women can relate to the pain of a fresh breakup and could probably sit and talk for hours about their breakup horror stories, the many empty tubs of Haagan Dazs, and bad rebounds....more