Really Feelin' the Love

When you feel loved, it makes the world look different. It makes you feel things that you’ve never felt before, see things that you’ve never seen before, hear things that you’ve never heard before. When you feel loved, it makes the people around you look different. It makes you see the beauty in individual people. It makes you appreciate the unique characteristics and traits of each person, makes you see the good in people versus the bad....more

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

This past weekend the vacant house behind ours (our backyards court one another) became occupied. Actually, over the course of the past few weeks, I have spied several different cars, a U-Haul, and a guy with a pressure-washer out there, through my kitchen window. (What, I have to do dishes, don’t I?)...more

My Version of Perfection

I dreamt about our wedding last night and it was so vivid and clear. I could clearly see the white dress I would be wearing. I could clearly see my mom helping me into my gown. I could clearly see myself walking down the aisle. But I could also see the tears running down my face when I realized I had forgotten a lot of little things for the wedding. I could clearly see that the gown I was supposed to wear for my reception was too big. I could clearly see that half my guest list was not in attendance…...more

Mixed Emotions

My sunny days aren’t always sunny—there’s a cloud overhead.  My joyful days aren’t always joyous—there a sadness that’s felt. My loving days aren’t always loving—there is anger in my heart.  My easy days aren’t always easy—life makes them hard.  My beautiful days aren’t always beautiful—there is ugliness that’s real.  My healthy days aren’t always healthy—there’s a sickness I feel.  My stable days aren’t always stable—there’s turmoil within.  My perfect days aren’t always perfect—there are flaws that come in....more

The Language of Love

What is your language of love? How do you communicate love to your partner? My boyfriend and I are trying to figure out the answer to that question right now. I’ve always thought I liked to receive love through words of affirmation—I like to hear "I love you" and like to hear sweet things. However, because of the nature of our relationship, love is only being expressed through words and I’m now feeling as if I want to receive love in other ways as well. ...more

The 'Right' Age for Marriage

When my now-husband, Daren, and I got engaged, I had this distinct feeling I was getting it from all sides. While a lot of my friends were already married and congratulating me, others who were not so supportive of my marrying. The controversy sprouted from what I thought to be the oddest of arguments... my age! Upon further investigation, of course, I realized this subject wasn't necessarily new. In fact the debate seemed to be firmly planted in society's "up for debate topics." What age should one get married? What is too young? Is there a "too old"? ...more


When relationships end it's important for both parties to have closure.  While this isn't exactly breaking news when you've been seeing someone for quite some time and then call it quits, remember that closure is also important after just one or two dates.  Read more Rachael R. Lorenz She Should have It

Couples Who Make You Want to Puke

You know who they are: the couples that make you want to puke. I confess, I'm half of one. And we work hard to be this nauseating. I mean, really, who wants to go around holding hands all the time? The effort involved in all this damn smiling — you wouldn’t want to take it on, I promise. ...more
You are so welcome -- let me know how it goes. Start small, work your way up :) @SlumberStephmore

Feeling Safe

Relationships are so Hard

I was reading a friend's facebook status.  She posted "Relationships are so hard."   It's almost a no brainer to me as to why.  She sort of signed up for hard.  She is a 20 something who has shouldered the burden of being the main provider for herself and her much older boyfriend.  Not only can her boyfriend not fully take care of himself he is also unable to take care of his daughter so guess who supports her too?...more

It is so nice to read about someone who has figured out how to be in a healthy relationship ...more