My Husband has Mistaken Me for Sarah Palin!

Some men,  buy women flowers, expensive jewelry, or something pretty for their wives on their Birthday. Oh! But not my honey! He likes to think outside the box, to get in touch with his wives inner feelings, and get her the most surprising gift ever. Yes! It was surprising! Head - Scratching (and no it wasn't head lice)! But it was one of those speechless presents that you wonder - do I really send off that kind of signal? The past couple of weeks have been hectic with Mr. MBA recovering from a mild surgery....more

Me Over Do It? Never

Take some pressure off of yourself right now by not seeking perfect. The perfect relationship. The perfect gift. The perfect party....more

The Painted Line (I'm in Love with a Prisoner) April 13, 2010 -- Alan (part 2)

This particular letter was pretty heart-wrenching for me to read again, for two reasons. 1) Prison is a scary place, particularly for one you love. I remember reading this waaaaay back when, thinking, "Wow. That's awful to be living day-in, day-out amongst danger and strife like that." But now reading this is even more profound, more impactful. Over these past few months, Alan has shielded me from some of the scary stuff that goes on there. He doesn't quite hide it from me, but he doesn't go into detail about it either....more

The Repeat Offender


Saying No: How To Decline A Date

Courtesy is the name of the game. Be as courteous as you can when turning someone down – but don't lie. And don't fade away. Be prompt, direct, concise and kind. If you're met with a discourteous response, let the person know the comment is inappropriate, and try to remind yourself that they're acting out of hurt. Rejection isn't easy. Anyone that has dated for any amount of time knows this. ...more
@Typo_eh hahaha!!! Well played!! And yeah, I have no insight on that one. Lolzmore

When can you move on?

   I think I’m ready.  I’ve been making a slow progression towards something new.  I’ve been thinking about something new.  It has taken so long for me to think of something new…  I’ve done a lot of traveling and a lot of things I wouldn’t have done, but most of all I’ve begun to think of something new.  I feel stronger.  I feel more like a woman and less like a girl everyday.  I’ve been praying a lot.  My main prayer lately has been a prayer for strength; strength to move on.  I don’t know what it takes on my part to build up strength....more

Hey hun I'm going through the same issue, but I was with this man for 5 years. If you need ...more

No Use in Hiding...

He’s seen the “real” me. He knows me. He knows when I’m upset. He knows when I want attention. He knows when I don’t feel loved. But we are broken up now.  So he is the villain, the enemy. So now the enemy knows my secrets—knows how to decode my message; unlock my combination.   ...more

The Painted Line (I'm in Love with a Prisoner) April 13, 2010 -- Alan

So here our letters start getting a little longer, therefore I'll be breaking them up into segments of two or three (down the road, even more). I have to say, it's so interesting going back and re-reading these. It feels like a lifetime ago. Not only that, but Alan seems to have grown and matured a thousand-fold since these early letters. On one hand, they seem a bit braggy. I have to chuckle, because this letter is so clearly full of self-promotion. But on the other hand, I have to say, he tells the truth. He tells it exactly like it is....more

Radiant Days

What comes easily to you and has been fun for you since you were a child?...more

Coyote Nightmares

A coyote is raised up with one paw on my arm, snapping at CiCi who I hold tightly to my chest, dodging as best I can to avoid her being bitten or taken. I wake up with my heart pounding and nearly knock CiCi from her place on the bed next to me as I lunge into an upright position....more