Killing A Chicken For My Mother-in-Law

I just had to do it. I always say I can approach any situation armed with nothing but my books and a prayer. Well, here in rural Central Province in Kenya all I had for books was my Nokia already on Google searching for "How To Kill A Chicken" Result 1: catch it, dunk it in hot water until its dead....Umm, I don't think so... Back to Google, "How To Kill A Chicken Humanely" Result 1: Slip it under your arm, snap it's neck with one fluid motion, wait for it to stop flapping its wings, drain bood, pluck its feathers" ...more

You're much better off if your m-i-l dislikes you than you are if you bend over backwards to ...more

Top 3 Tips for Talking to a Man When You Want Something

Angeline was at the end of her rope.  It seemed like a simple thing, but no matter who much she talked Jeff wasn’t getting it.  All she wanted was to know he supported her working at her new job by helping with dinner two nights a week....more

High Note

Pain that we have experienced in the past can motivate us to change our expectations and sometimes lower the bar. To settle....more

I Am Woman!!!

 Lord Jesus, thank you for making me a woman.I embrace my femininity, and celebrate it! I declare according to your word:That I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14)That I am of great value to God and people, because I am created in your image. (Genesis 1:26)That I will not allow fear, insecurity, low self-esteem, the past or present to limit me in my calling as a woman....more

“Sometimes it seems so limiting to be a woman, to be smaller with a quieter voice, and to be ...more

The Case for Putting Out

I have heard it at least a dozen times this week.  A woman explaining to me that she doesn’t feel like being intimate with her husband, meaning she’s not down for having sex, until she feels a stronger emotional connection with him.   Maybe he’s distant and stressed.  Maybe there’s been hurt that has left lingering resentment....more


  "All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me - consciously or unconsciously....more

Leaving Resolutions in The Dust

fMRI imaging shows us that the brain fires up and becomes active in many areas when a person is asked a stimulating question. The brain also shows reduced activity when the same person is given a dem...more

Soul's Window

I’ve been reluctant to move from my single-girl post. I’ve been reluctant to put myself out there and be vulnerable again. The reluctance is driven by fear—fear of getting hurt again, fear of looking stupid, fear of falling too deep. The fear is gripping and palpable, but it is also superficial and fleeting. Fear can be conquered, overpowered with love… “Soul’s Window”  The window of my soul Opens to let in the pure love ...more

Feeling Trapped

She sat at a red light, waiting to turn on to the freeway. As she waited, she went through her 'To Do' list in her head.  Pick up the dry cleaning  Stop by Wal-Mart and buy toilet paper and dog food  Go to the gas station and get a car wash  Go to the grocery store and...  She saw him. Sitting in his work truck at the red light waiting to get off of the freeway. He looked the same, but different. She hadn't seen him in years, and seeing him now, she looked at him the way a stranger might....more
Wow. my girlfriend was venting on men this week and I decided to write a post on bashing men. I ...more

From prospective boyfriend to friend in a single move

Recently a rather pleasant conversation that I was having with R, an unattached man, at a holiday party made an abrupt turn when he learned that I write an advice blog for single men.  In no time at all there I was, bobbing and weaving a barrage of questions on the topic of single men, fashion, dating and relationships....more