Postmortem: Should Men Get Gifts On Valentine's Day

Every February as Valentine’s Day approaches The Man and I argue about who the holiday is really for....more

Are We Remotely Connected?

                                    I've been considering what it means to be remote and location independent, and how it relates with the connected quality of our modern lives. Today it sounds nearly redundant to express; but we live in an era of connectivity.  We are in many ways defined by it.  The article you are perusing was written thousands of miles from where you are reading it; in all probability.  There is, in fact, a strong possibility that we have never met, our paths have not crossed, and may never will.  Yet here you sit connected with me by our common interests. I am based in a very far flung location and yet we communicate via the wonder of modern technology. I for one am grateful for social media; when used in the proper ratio it weaves a web of familiarity between previous strangers.  We find a tribe amongst the masses and are the richer for it; all impossible without the medium of our choosing.  I may not visit you in Chicago, L.A. or Atlanta but we talk pretty good story right here in cyberspace.  Here in the South Pacific we understand a little bit about the word remote. We are surrounded by more water and miles than one can travel without some real navigating abilities…and a plane...or a boat.  These islands were settled by peoples who left family and land behind, looked bravely, heartily into the blue expanse and launched out into the deep.  I can’t help but think about how different the world is today, how much smaller after a fashion and filled with dramatic contrasts to times of the past.  You would think that we all, due to the inventions of the industrial and technological ages, would use these very things to help us explore what rarely could be done before, go to places and touch the earth and it’s cultures, tasting, seeing, experiencing for ourselves the raw, unfiltered way life is in such remote locations. ...more

Wrestling With Gender Roles

How gender roles play into a relationship is interesting to observe—either directly or indirectly. Traditionally, we’ve had fairly defined gender roles placed on us by society and culture. The man is rough and rugged and provides for the household monetarily. The woman is soft and emotional and meets the domestic needs of the family. Although there were some obvious issues with that setup, it was very clear who did what in the household. Each person knew what their role was and how they contributed to the family’s needs....more
Oh Brooke. You speak to my heart! Maybe one day we will figure this out. Thank you for putting ...more

I Can Wait, But I Really Don't Want To

Love is patient. Love waits while he tries to find the find the right career path. Love waits while he tries to find the right basketball shoes. Love is patient, but it is also very impatient. When it comes to the one you love, love waits and is understanding; but when it comes to the two of you being together or living happily ever after, love wants the future to be now. ...more

127 Hours

On Sunday night I watched the movie 127 hours with a few friends and I cringed, squirmed and shut my eyes tight when Aron Ralston fell into a canyon crevice, his arm trapped under a boulder, he finally decides to cut his arm off with a blunt knife. It was actually 1 hour and 36 minutes of visual and audio torture. I even screamed a few times and caused a friends partial deafness, sorry babe. ...more

Je T'Aime

I've read pages of comments today on Facebook about Valentine's Day.  Why do so many people hate it???  I guess it has something to do with being alone, or being dumped, or not having a boyfriend. Before I got married, I was single a long, long time and those years included all of the above.  And yes, it was not fun sitting in the office watching people walk by with dozens of roses, and gigantic stuffed teddy bears (which by the way I despise).  One year I even ...more

Who Wears The Pants?

Tell me your feelings, don't tell me why you can't do it. Take a small action step in the time you would have used to explain your fear.  ...more

Love Is...

                                                                                                                                                                                            One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love. -Sophocles                                                                                                                                                                      In honor of Valentine's Day festivities, we're going to share a lil blog aloha in a different way, after all, aloha is all about love and a more complete definition of love at that, and  this is a blog, so right there we have blog aloha! Now that you can see how serious this blog post is going to be, I have to dive right in and ask a random trivia question: Can any of our readers remember a cartoon and subsequent figurines apparently popular in the 1970s I think, a line drawing of a little boy and a little girl, always with the subtitle of 'Love is...'  My Uncle and Aunt had a figurine that said something deep like 'Love is...Never having to say your sorry.'  Probably given to my Aunt by her husband in a humorous attempt at an apology; anyone see the irony in that?   ...more
A great valentines day with Aloha is a romantic sunset zip line overlooking the pacific ocean ...more

Creating Stories - Negroni - LOVE

Creating Stories - Negroni - LOVE ...more

Love is more than a Valentine’s chocolate

I’m sorry but talking about love today, Feb 14, Valentine’s Day, it’s too easy. It’s like say how much we care about others on Christmas, be scared on Halloween night or  talking about how  “acting green” is important to us on Earth Day. (read more)From