Leaving Resolutions in The Dust

fMRI imaging shows us that the brain fires up and becomes active in many areas when a person is asked a stimulating question. The brain also shows reduced activity when the same person is given a dem...more

Soul's Window

I’ve been reluctant to move from my single-girl post. I’ve been reluctant to put myself out there and be vulnerable again. The reluctance is driven by fear—fear of getting hurt again, fear of looking stupid, fear of falling too deep. The fear is gripping and palpable, but it is also superficial and fleeting. Fear can be conquered, overpowered with love… “Soul’s Window”  The window of my soul Opens to let in the pure love ...more

Feeling Trapped

She sat at a red light, waiting to turn on to the freeway. As she waited, she went through her 'To Do' list in her head.  Pick up the dry cleaning  Stop by Wal-Mart and buy toilet paper and dog food  Go to the gas station and get a car wash  Go to the grocery store and...  She saw him. Sitting in his work truck at the red light waiting to get off of the freeway. He looked the same, but different. She hadn't seen him in years, and seeing him now, she looked at him the way a stranger might....more
Wow. my girlfriend was venting on men this week and I decided to write a post on bashing men. I ...more

From prospective boyfriend to friend in a single move

Recently a rather pleasant conversation that I was having with R, an unattached man, at a holiday party made an abrupt turn when he learned that I write an advice blog for single men.  In no time at all there I was, bobbing and weaving a barrage of questions on the topic of single men, fashion, dating and relationships....more

Land Ahead

I love the feel of a clean sheet of smooth paper, snow without any tracks in it and the anticipation of a fresh journey yet to be taken.  What is on the horizon for you as we set sail in 2011? What do y...more

Amazing Things Can Happen!

We were surprised this past week to hear the familiar chirping of a Titmouse on the patio. After all, it has been very wintery with blustery rains and bitterly cold temperatures. Could this be one of a pair that has inhabited the same birdhouse in CiCi’s Garden for the past five years? ...more

You're Finally Here...Now What?

You came. I was waiting with opens arms and you finally came. And you came on strong. It’s like you awakened one day and decided you were going to work hard to get all the things you ever wanted in life. And one of the things you wanted was me. Your desire for me was so strong and so sudden that I was somewhat caught off guard. You were ready to give me everything I wanted and desired from you, yet now I was the one hesitating. I was slow to move, slow to react....more

(VIDEO) Modern Dating: Single and "Desperate"?

Planning on finding love in 2011? For us singles, it's a hard knock life. Just when you get up the nerve to ask for some support from those smug-marrieds around you, you realize they have completely given up on matchmaking. Here's a little video I like to call "Modern Dating." Prepare yourself....more

Rachael R. Lorenz

She Should have It


I ...more

I've Never Blogged Before...

They Call Me Jordash Because I Dash Fast...more

Start With Your Eyes

Times are tough, no doubt about it....more