Marriage: A Dance of Expansion?

I imagine a marriage as a dance of expansion. As one partner grows and changes, the other must as well. And as both partners grow, so does the marriage itself. Expanding.  Breathing in and exhaling out. A living breathing entity that grows with each breath, relaxes into itself with each exhalation. A marriage is sort of like this. Any relationship is really. Husband and wife. Straight or gay. Lover to lover. Dancing, twirling, sinking, swirling. Falling together in union, and pushing away in expansion. Coming back as one in a way that is bigger, more fulfilling....more

Love Omnipresence

Knock, knock! Trim, trim! Click, click! It is November, the city lights early and you wait for the snow to arrive. Looking trough the window the white poetry falling, you wonder, love could also fall from the sky. Right there in your couch, on that Sunday afternoon to bother you with hot kisses, activating your ferocious senses while you try to watch the match....more

It Should Be Over

"Does he make you happy?" - Friend 1  "Uhhhh well, not really. I'm sure I will stop dating him eventually." - Friend 2...more

No Woman Wants to be a Martha (from the Notebook)

If you are familiar with the movie, The Notebook, you are well aware of who I am talking about.  For those of you who have not seen the movie, I suggest you put the computer down and go watch it (bring popcorn and tissues).Martha is the sad, pathetic (not really her fault) girl who is in love and sleeps with Noah, the sexy, brooding fella who is miserable because the woman he really loves, Allie, is not available.  Noah does not really like Martha, but he uses her for sex to make himself feel less lonely without his true love, Allie....more

Transformation is a Bitch

I spend my days wandering around in my new skin. The surface looks calm, skin held taut by muscles tight with uncertainty. A body—well dressed, hair in place, sunglasses masking windows that too few have either wanted or been able to peer into. So I wander, driving aimlessly, walking through stores, through people, dodging their thoughts and energies. This is my life; my new life, my new skin. Who am I becoming? What will I do? I think about my remodel. My house as it is being transformed, a material reminder of my new life, my newfound power....more

A Painful Tease

Angry—I’m trying to make myself angry, because it hurts too much to be sad.  I’m forcing myself to get mad at something, anything in a feeble attempt to redirect my pain. But the reality is I’m sad. I’m sad because he had to leave yesterday. My long-distance boyfriend had finished his visit and had to return back to his home—it was agonizing. Agonizing because he stayed just long enough for me to get of taste of what it would be like if we were to live together in the same city. He stayed just long enough for me to get used to his scent in the house....more

Love is Life

nothing makes life more meaningful than love, no matter what kind of love it is.
love and live ...more

Is Something Weighing You Down?

In any relationship, issues inevitably arise from time to time that have the potential to create tension and conflict. It’s not the issues themselves that are the main cause for relationship breakdown but how you go about resolving them....more

When nobody knows who is blogging

I don’t know about you, but I do not blog for the people I know. That’s why sometimes I wish my blog was anonymous. (read more)From

Man or boy?

Man or boy? ...more