4 Benefits to Choosing Divorce Mediation Over Litigation

When couples head for divorce, they often see just two roads ahead: collaboration and litigation. One involves a negotiating room with two disgruntled partners and a pair of lawyers. The other entails lengthy and expensive courtroom battles over who gets what – from the kids to your Aunt Linda’s silverware. But there is another option: mediation....more

4 Ways to Move on With Your Life During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in your life. Even the lucky people that seem to go through a divorce emotionally sound struggle when they’re home alone at night.It’s normal to think “what went wrong?”But if divorce is the only path to take, you must find a way to move on with your life during the proceedings....more

15 Words Of Affirmation For Your Spouse

My primary love language is 'Words of Affirmation'. It means I LOVE when The Mister showers me with compliments, sweet cards, love notes and gratitude. If your primary love language isn't Words of Affirmation but your spouses is, it can be difficult to find the right words that they need to hear. Don't worry, I gotcha covered! Read more from 15 Words of Affirmation For Your Spouse at Just Murrayed. ...more

Jealousy Is Such An Ugly Feeling

Jealousy is such an ugly feeling....more

I'm Married -- But I'm Still Independent

Independent - single - women.This is a term that's used quite frequently in our culture. When I was single I used to love referring to myself as this empowering three-word description. Then, when I started dating my now husband and eventually got married to him - I felt left out. I was officially out of the strong and single club. Was I no longer a fierce force of nature because I was married? Did I really lose all of my independence?...more

When Workers Hit on Me

When my apartment got flooded a few weeks ago on an early Tuesday morning, a group of workers showed up from a cleaning and restoration company. ...more

Help! I Didn't Get the Memo!

 A good friend of mine was reeling after a breakup with his serious girlfriend.  He confided in me that while still seeing his serious girlfriend, he had met another girl and had started dating her.  He told his serious girlfriend about it and she broke up with him.   ...more
Good read. I agree, there is always a reason why people react a certain way. We are used to our ...more