Don't Sell The Cow? How The 21st Century Offers Women A Better Take On Sex

"Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" … ever heard this phrase before? Its often trotted out to explain why today's 21st century guy is less likely to get married. It  not a lie - the promise of intimacy is a powerful  incentive however, it is pretty irrelevant in modern society....more

What To Do On A Date?

On the First Few Dates...more

What do Men Need More Than Sex (For Bonding)

In the dance of the male-female relationship, men need something more than sex in order to open up their hearts. Men need to be admired and respected for who they are by a woman who will be kind to them. From the time of their boyhood, men live in a world where they hear, “No, don’t do that.”Don’t run in here.Don’t touch that.Don’t cry.Stop teasing your sister.In adulthood it becomes:...more

Playing in the Sandbox: 30:30 Somethings

My life has been devoted to great relationships with both men and women. But truth be told, men like me better due to my love of football, steaks and non-Martha Stewart proclivities.But that begs the question, can men and women just be friendly? Join the discussion here: Playing in the Sandbox: 30:30 Somethings...more

Date night (or day) ... It's not just a cliché!

Remember when you couldn’t wait to spend time together? Remember when you couldn’t wait to dress up, put on make up and look your absolute best for each other? Research shows that happy couples spend time together – and they enjoy it. In a recent survey, 88 percent of happy couples reported they make time for “date nights,” a time that they spend alone together, without children and obligations (Northrup, Schwartz & Witte, 2012)....more

Dating Red Flags: Desensitization to Seething Anger

Originally published on ChapterTK.comI don’t know what teenager TK thought she’d get out of prom night. She was never the type of girl who fit into the stereotypical high school mold. She looked at the world differently than many of her peers yet, for some reason, prom was important to her. It was an experience she’d only get twice. Her thought process was that, even if it sucked, she’s have the experience. What was one more night of potential horror after all her years?...more

The Art of The Proper Approach

 Have you ever wondered how to successfully approach someone that looks like they may be a good match for you? While there are a few proper ways to do so, there are also many ways to really turn someone off, so they won’t give you the time of day. Make sure you are skilled at the art of the approach or the girl/guy of your dreams, may walk away and never look back....more

Misogyny Kills

The title of this post and the social media snippet are from Hannah and Horovitz I want to echo:...more

Dating Red Flags: Too Much Groping and Not Enough Listening

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comZachery drove towards the city with one hand on the wheel and another desperately clinging to a relationship he lost long ago. His hand squeezed mine in an uncomfortably tight grip, but I didn’t complain. Sitting as far away as I could from him, gazing out the window, I considered myself lucky that the hand at least stayed away from my legs after billionth time I told him to remove it....more

Do Christians Really Believe in Eternal Life?

Realizing the title of this post might seem controversial, allow me to set this up.  I ask the question as a believing, practicing, studying Christian. I ask the question to increase my own understanding, and possibly, to encourage those so moved to contemplate this area for themselves.  I ask the question because of the attitudes and actions of so many Christians, particularly in the areas of relationships and medical treatment, which don't appear to support this belief....more