When friendships change

I do not know where my childhood best friend is. Her name is Nicole, and she and I were best friends from first through fifth grade. We were Girl Scouts together, we would play games in her basement, and we had countless sleepovers at each other's houses. When I moved to South Carolina, we wrote each other letters, but eventually that tapered off and we lost touch....more
I have a fried from elementary school that I keep up with. The past decade, we haven't been able ...more

What I'm Learning In My 20's

Growing up is a scary thing. You go through some serious things and you start learning more about yourself than you even thought there was to yourself. I’ve only been in my 20’s for two years and it has been quite a time. I’ve gotten myself into poor situations, and gotten myself out of even worse. I’ve done things I wasn’t proud of, and I’ve done things I’ve never been prouder of. I’ve learned so much more about me as a person and even the world around me. And I still have so much more ahead....more

7 Signs You're in The Wrong Relationship

  If you’ve been in a relationship, you know they’re hard. Sometimes, though, we allow the wrong person into our lives and don’t realize that there really are other fish out in the sea. Having someone to love is a great thing, but there are definite signs that maybe you’re putting you’re all into a relationship you shouldn’t be in.  Communication is hard...more

The Gym: A metaphor for a healthy relationship

Every morning on the drive home from the gym, Jesse and I have gotten in the habit of recapping the morning’s training session. We’re a little more animated on the days we hit new PRs, and a little more reserved on the mornings we feel like crap. Regardless, each day we take inventory of how it went, how we felt and what we have to look forward to tomorrow....more

Words on Relationships; by a Marriage Therapist

     There are myriads of reasons that a couple may enter the therapy process.  The most often repetitive theme seems to encompass adjustment issues, communication deficiencies in conflict management, and inability to express and manage emotional states, sometimes coupled with an inability to be able in the relationship with a voluntary behavior or communication to show love, support, and affection.  ...more

5 Signs That You'll Never be HIs Girlfriend...

5 Signs That You'll Never Be His Girlfriend... ...more

We Made It A Year!

And so ends the first year of my marriage. Time sure does go by quickly! My parents celebrate 30 years at the end of this month. Didn’t we just celebrate their 25th? October is already half over. Time just seems to be coming at me full speed these days. Can we slow it down?What a whirlwind this week has been!We’ve also reached the end of a crazy and hectic month. With multiple trips back to Maryland and visitors on the weekends in between, I’m happy to say that we have very little planned for this weekend....more

Moving in With Your Significant Other: What You Need to Know

Moving in with your significant other is a huge step. A massive step! But it’s also an exciting and awesome and fun step. Dave and I both knew very early in our relationship that this was it – we were going to be together forever. We weren’t ready to get married, but we knew we would get married someday....more

how to transition | epic values

we are creatures of habit | all our lives, we do things in a certain way and no one can change our minds. it is what it is and that's it. but as we grow older we realize change is inevitable to adapt to society and life.especially when it comes to relationships | we must transition when entering a new relationship or even an old one to accommodate the other person's needs and wants. sometimes the process is so difficult that get bent out of shape for no reason and never realize the real reason we are so upset....more

What I do when my Husband Irritates Me