Holding Hands: More Intimate than a Kiss, More Powerful than a Hug

Throughout the years, my mother often quoted lines from Robert Fulghum’s famous piece of writing All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Not a day went by where we didn’t hear, “Wash your hands before you eat” (a nod to #8 and sound advice for sure). But she especially liked #13: When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together. I especially liked the one listed above it: Take a nap every afternoon. But the older I am getting, the more I have come to appreciate her choice....more

Age of The Cat Lady- The Initiation

At the tender age of 19, I was someone's bride to be. He, a bright eyed 22 year old Army private and me, an ungrateful party girl. We were so close to the alter but didn't make it. Only age and inexperience were to blame. Not foreseeing that the following 2 decades will yield vast amounts of tears, heart aches, heart breaks, disappointment, desperation, loneliness and God questioning, I was optimistic that it was the right decision....more

I Played Hookie With My Hubby

The app DubSmash allows you to record yourself lip-synching to any piece of audio - song or movie clip. Within two days of download, I was entertained for hours and completely addicted. But beyond me, I knew my husband would LOVE this; he’s a professionally-trained actor. It would be like asking a baseball player if he wanted to go to the batting cage. ...more

I've Seen Life Go In a Circle


Stop giving husbands a “pass.”

I’m sure you’ve heard it. Perhaps you’ve even said it before. “My husband “helps out” with the kids.” Or the man has said, “well my wife is going out so I’m babysitting the kids.” Let’s discuss something that needs to be addressed: The kids are 50% theirs. Either genetically or legally (yay adoption!), kids are JUST as much the man’s responsibility as they are the woman’s. ...more

Heart Openers - On and Off the Mat

"Arms stretched out behind you, grasp your hands behind your back...lift your gaze and open the heart" The yoga instructor gently continues to remind us to round the shoulders down and back throughout the class. We are practicing heart openers.I love yoga for many reasons: the chance to intentionally practice deep and full breathing, the chance to move slowly and deliberately, the chance to practice beginner's mind, and the chance to do chest and heart openers. ...more

Kiss Your Shitty Valentine’s Days Goodbye Forever!


How to Manage Money as a Couple Effectively

In relationships, money typically equals stress, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating if you have clear and open financial communication. As I mentioned in Part 1, How to Start the Money Talk, before you combine finances with your partner it is important to have a detailed discussion about both of your financial situations....more

For All the Valentine’s Day Haters

Many people hate Valentine’s Day... and I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why.Image via ShutterstockHere are some you may have heard: ...more
Our first valentine together, when we were 18 years old, my hubbie and I did give cards and ...more

9 Things I Want My Daughter To Know About Love

SimplyTarot Thanks!  My daughter is almost 10 so I figured I could subtly start feeding it to ...more