What Makes Up A Friend For Life?

Throughout your life you will have friends, acquaintances, and work associates come in and out of your life.  These are the people you call or converse with when things are going well and life is fine.  They make life bearable and give you a social sphere throughout your day.  They are meaningful in that most people like some form of social interactions daily and these people fill this requirement.Then there are the individuals with whom you meet that touch your life and remain with you...more

6 Reasons Why You Need a Man Like Pharrell Williams

 Music producer extraordinaire, Pharrell Williams is all over the internet right now. Most posts are poking fun at the bucket size hat that he wore to the Grammy's, but this one will be a little different.I hear and see a ton of discussion on what makes a man the ideal mate. Some women have lists that span across multiple pages in their journals on what their "future husband" should look like (mmm-hmm - I'm looking at you!)....more

My significant other hates vegetables. How do I eat healthy at home?

Source A client recently approached me with the following dilemma:...more
Thanks for the article, I shared it on my business page to my clients and fitness students.  A ...more

5 Worst Times To Be Single

Sometimes being single friggin' sucks. Before you roll your eyes at me, let me also state that if you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I in no way feel you need a man to complete you, be happy, or live a fulfilled life. I have been happily single for over four years now and have written over 50 blog post demonstrating that.With that being said, there are definitely times when being single does, in fact, suck! ...more
I laughed too hard at #1 because I feel your pain so much! My grandma has been dropping my more ...more

How Not to Sabatoge Yourself, Ladies

We meet with women all the time who are tired of dating and never getting the great guy. Well Ladies, in a sea of single women, you need to stand out. You need to be the hot commodity that most guys will want to be with.In addition to the single women, we speak with married women often, who don’t feel appreciated or special by their man. Again Ladies, you need to be interesting, attractive and a quality person to keep the spark alive in your relationship.Here are our top 10 Tips for Gaining and/or maintaining a great relationship....more

Growing up

For C...more

Advice to Couples From a Widow

I used to fantasize sometimes about what it would be like if Dane and I got a divorce. I thought that might just be the best deal ever; I still get my fabulous kid, but I also get a break from her and get some time where I wouldn’t have to care for anyone but myself. I wouldn’t have to rely on someone who I felt was unreliable. I wouldn’t have to share decision-making or, more often, make all of the important decisions by myself....more

Finding Peace-letter to an ex

I was weak. When I dressed up nice, put my lipstick on and put on that bracelet you bought me, I waited for your comments. I waited for that reassurance, that longing look that lasted a few minutes longer than it should, that compliment to ease my worries. What I got was a glance, a flippant comment such as “Fix your hair.” You eroded my self esteem.When you spoke badly of my family. I appeased you, I tried to reason with you even though you were being a selfish snob. When you made me cry, you got angry because of my weakness. I felt bad....more

Never Thought I'd Be An Elderly Primigravida But Here I Am...

Elderly Primigravida. Sounds kind of intimidating and a little scary. Me, elderly? Common! But that's the category I fall into with my first pregnancy. I was 35 at conception and I'm turning 36 during my pregnancy....more

5 Dating Ideas To Get Out And About This Spring/Summer

With the beautiful weather fast approaching, it’s high time that we suggest some date ideas for our active couples and singles out there. Being active makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, and getting in shape with your partner or even on your own, will help get your endorphins flowing, get you more fit, and rev up your sex life! We have compiled a list of awesome date ideas and activities for active people....more