10 Ways Not to Sabotage Yourself, Guys

We have heard it many times before. “What do women want?  They are so hard to read.  She expects so much from me.” This is not always the case guys.  Women can be easy to read and interpret if you put in a little effort and attempt to understand their expectations.   We want things done right, we want to be spoken to with respect and we want some help around the house, once in a while.   It is not that hard right?...more

Is Being The Child Of Divorce All Bad?

It is easy to think being the child of divorce is all bad. According to the research, kids from broken families are more likely to smoke, be on Ritalin, suffer from lower self esteem, drop out of school, suffer a stroke, and die earlier than kids from intact families.But that’s not all. Kids from divorce are also more likely to repeat the mistakes of their parents. They get married younger and are significantly more likely to divorce than those who don’t come from broken homes. ...more

For When You Feel Disappointed

Making Your Bed and Lying In It

"It is better to be alone, than to wish that you were." These words of wisdom with honest, gritty staying power were shared with me by my former colleague Sandy (may she rest in peace) as I was wading through a path of post-divorce rubble about ten years ago.  They have carried me through days of doubt and angst and loneliness, and in a way, have been a guidepost for my new-but-not-so-new life.  'Tis true, Ms. Sandy, it is better. Thanks to you, I won't forget. ...more

Being Mary Jane … Being the Mistress

Photo Cred: BET.com I refused to get caught up in another television series the ...more
WritergalinATLANTA   Hello, Thanks for your response. I so appreciate it--as I am sure that you ...more

Zombies and creepy flying babies with weapons are symbols of love?

Single women don't need Valentine's Day survival tips. It's a Friday night this year, my friend, not a Zombie Apocalypse. I understand the confusion, though. It is the feast of an undead saint who continues to walk among us. He and his minion- Cupid-- spread fear and eat brains one night a year, an offering to the gods of stereotypes and relationship rules. A creepy flying baby with hunting gear can scare the sh*t out of a girl. Just saying....more

Valentine's Day - Do You Love it or Hate It?

Many people have a strong opinion of Valentine’s Day. It’s either the worst holiday ever invented by Hallmark or it’s the day where you expect nothing less from your mate but chocolate, flowers and lots of sex. Maybe a good bottle of wine and a gourmet meal if you remembered to make a dinner reservation....more

10 Ways Your Partner Can Make You Successful

On a night out with your friends, what are the two things that always come up?Relationships and work.Why? Because finding the right person is just as important as finding the right job, and obtaining both is how most of us define our personal happiness and success....more

A Psychologist's Guide to Crooks, Creeps and Con Artists

Is your boyfriend suffering from the dreaded Jekkyl and Hyde syndrome? Does he appear to be Mr. Nice Guy before suddenly morphing into a monster?Here's a typical scenario. When you first meet him, he's every woman's dream: charming, caring and so sensitive, he could probably watch a Lifetime movie marathon without grabbing the remote. But after a few weeks, he's become a predator, a born manipulator. Why didn't you see it coming? The problem may be you! Did you ignore some red flags along the way?Here a few warning signs, some red flags to get you started....more