Do You Forgive Easily?

We begin learning at a young age about forgiveness. The other child or sibling that grabs something out of our hands and is made to apologize. We are taught to say, "I forgive you" back. Let's be honest, what young child that is beginning to learn cause and effect wants to forgive. Hey, having a toy yanked from you is serious business. "I'll forgive when I understand what that means exactly." As we grow older, forgiveness takes on a whole new meaning. Your best friend steals your boyfriend forgiveness? "Maybe, after you hate them for awhile!"...more

31 Days, 32 Revelations: Knowing When To Move On

   Series Introduction...more

Trusting Your Knowing Keeps You Connected

 Love at first sight is easy to understand.  It’s when two people have been looking at each other for years that it becomes a miracle. - Sam Levenson When I first saw Rich something in me went, “Hey, who’s THAT?”  I noticed he was very attractive and I was immediately drawn to him.  This was NOT something that happened to me.  Like, almost never.   ...more

Screwball Comedy and Hard-Fighting Heroines: Korea's "Protect the Boss"

I wasn't watching Korean TV dramas in 2011 (that was my anime and manga era), so my window to the "old days" has mostly been the archives at DramaBeans. That meant it took me a long time to discover 2011's  fun Protect the Boss....more

I Haven't Always Done the Right Thing But I Have No Regrets: Here's Why

Not many people know this, but I’m a pretty big Broadway musical fan.  There are a lot of shows I haven’t seen, but I have some favorites and therefore have tons of their songs in my music library.  Nothing says ‘gangsta’ quite like rolling through the streets of Manhattan with the ‘Wicked’ soundtrack playing in your ears.  ...more

When I Was Young

When I was young, it was more importantPain more painfulLaughter much louderYeah, when I was youngMy faith was so much stronger thenI believed in fellow menAnd I was so much older thenWhen I was young-The Animals...more

Oh, GAWD... Am I One of THOSE Girls?

I took another subbing gig with my 4th graders this week.This time, instead of teaching math and science (Which was brutal, by the way because I am neither mathematically nor scientifically-minded, and trying to teach some of the math concepts to these kids was… well… awkwaaaaard. Good thing I could distract them with my brilliant humor, and encourage them to “work together”. That always comes in handy…) I get to teach language arts, health, and social studies, which I’m much more suited to....more
Good luck! I'm sure you're doing great! www.wifeyBB.blogspot.commore

That's Not My Happily Ever After

Many times, when a female abuse survivor tells her story, it ends with her finding a healthy relationship. Now, all experiences are valid, and I am always happy to see a difficult story end on a good note for the speaker. It can encourage those who are thinking of escaping, or those who are in the process of escaping. Anything that inspires someone to make a better life for themselves is a good thing. ...more

7 Scientifically Proven Ineffective Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

Whenever someone posts a list, don’t we all just usually scroll through the opener anyway? I’ll save us both some time by s...more

The Secret Lives of Boys - Part 4

Obviously, throughout the course of my life, my perceptions of men have changed – from being woefully naive and sometimes outrageously unrealistic to having a better understanding of the expectations women put on men and just how unrealistic those expectations can be....more