The 50 First Dates Challenge

I love a good romantic movie. The kind that leaves you a sappy, soppy, mascara-streaked, hiccuping mess of emotions. The top movie that always leaves me crying - always - is 50 First Dates. And I'm pretty sure it's screwed up my vision of romance forever....more

He's/She's Just Not That Into You: The 4 Ways You Can Reject Someone in the Dating World

When you’re in the dating scene, you’re likely going to meet a lot of different people.  And because this is the way the world works and not everyone likes or has an attraction to every person they meet, you’re occasionally going to have to reject someone at some point down the road.But the question is… how?  Rejecting someone is never easy, unless they did something rude, obnoxious and/or disrespectful which may warrant a big ole “go kick rocks and never contact me again.”...more

Who Is Your Best Friend Mom?

  I am not a blogger. I'm horrible at typing, my thoughts sound so much better in my head than typed out. I need to work on that much like alot I mean alooooot of things. I don't know if this will even be read once by anyone out in the blog universe but something is seriously tugging at my heart strings and I need to let these thoughts out of my head and I guess this is where I will do it. ...more

How To Get The Size Diamond Someone Like YOU Deserves!

Myself: 17% Together: 25% I gave guidelines:  11% I gave direct hints: 13% He surprised me: 34%What are these statistics for? These are the results of a survey given by The BAA (Bridal Association of America) to recently married females.  The question:  “Who picked out your engagement ring?”...more
AdrienneCookie  Hey thanks!  Just finding your comment now.  I hope you had a terrific holiday!more

Baggage — It’s all in the Way You Carry it.

Most people have baggage. Although, one case differs from another, pun intended. As adults, we carry some or a lot through life depending on our life experiences. I have always believed those who struggle with adversity are stronger people who can cope, deal with life’s difficulties and rise above it. So maybe there is something to be said about honing up to the baggage, unpacking it and moving on with life....more

My Mother, Myself...and Now My Daughter

*relationships can be a terribly complicated affair…* ˜”*°♥•°*”˜  Dearest Daughter, ...more

Why she will never really forgive you for cheating

When a girl is cheated on, she will never forget it. Its not because she is a grudge holder, but because she is torn in a way no man can understand. As women we want to be the only one our partner wants. When our man has some type of relationship with another woman, a relationship that is similar or better than what we had with him, we start to feel like she is better than we are, like we have been replaced. Women usually put their heart and soul into a relationship with every emotion possible. When a man is unfaithful, we wont forget and here is why. ...more

Try Out the “Seven Stages of Foreplay”

Need a way to spice up boring sex with your partner but unsure how to ask for it? Ask him to try making the Seven Stages of Foreplay part of your lovemaking …This way you all can cover most of the bases most of the time!...more
New data... orgasm rates are higher for couples who use a wider variety of sexual play during ...more

A Better Love

Happy Almost New Year! I know, I know—it's Thanksgiving week, but what better time to start mapping out a few resolutions? My proposition doesn't require a yoga mat or a Ninja Blender, but it does involve removing the focus from yourself for a bit.(I just mentally saw some of you backing away. I won’t name names.)...more

7 Reasons to Never Start a Relationship in Winter

Winter arrived early like an unwanted relative and dumped record amounts of snow as if to announce, “Put away the jeweled flip-flops, Sweetheart, and grab a coat before you freeze your assets.”Because I’ve been around the block many times in all kinds of weather, I’m here to give unsolicited but helpful advice if you intend to enter into a new relationship.Here are some reasons you should never start dating during cold weather:...more
Not to mention another gift to figure out!more