Sleeping with a Boyfriend: The Truth

After being in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend for a year, I couldn’t wait to sleep with him anytime I wanted. I don’t mean in that way either, but to actually sleep-sleep with him in the same bed every night. I couldn’t wait to snuggle. I couldn’t wait to have pillow talk. I couldn’t wait to fall asleep next to the person who meant the world to me....more

Date Night

You know, it really doesn't have to be fancy. It needn't involve classy restaurants or expensive tickets or getting dressed up to the nines. And it doesn't necessarily require a lot of pre-planning or sweating the details. It's about setting time aside to enjoy each other's company. ...more
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Boundless Love in New York City

Great idea and positive social response when the touch is a simple way and a simple sign of friendship.  Photographer Richard Rinaldi sees the beauty of diversity, connections and closeness.  A photographer's vision.  The imagination in flight, the heart in touch with reality,  wanting to symbolize we are all connected. Some people are upset with Rinaldi's suggested closeness, and strangers kissing can do the opposite of creating sacredness of connection; it can imply that intimacy, while we all hunger for it as Rinaldi and many theologians have said, has very little value by the fact that it can be "given" to everyone. Can we kiss everyone without becoming connected? How deep do you want the connection to be?  Can you undo intimacy?  Are you ready for the level of intimacy you choose?A kiss is a different level of connectedness than a touch.  An embrace has spiritual levels.  We must remember that every touch carries a meaning to the heart.Let us see the beauty in this photo.  Let us consider that we are spiritual beings and levels of intimacy must always be carefully considered for the value and meaning.  It must be considered, because a life without both meaning and value, looses an understanding of the sacredness of intimacy.  I for one find many of his images beautiful and inspiring. Inspiration, according to early christian traditional theology, is one thing that ALWAYS leads to healing.Philosophy and art integrated--which is called theology--is a bit more clear to me when I see this CBS video; that philosophy of early christianity (pre institution) that argued that we seek to be inspired, are all called by the elusive Divine to be inspired, and the video reveals what has always had the potential to inspire humanity towards love and healing...the "right" image (i.e.  here we see  tenderness). Tenderness is a manifestation of the "etherial", normally called the Divine or Transcendence into God's warm presence. ...more

Women Talk About Guys the Way Guys Talk About Cars

This past weekend I sat and listened to 5 guys (one of which was my boyfriend, Mark) discuss cars for two hours straight. I turned to the person next to me and asked, “Do they always talk about cars?” He said, “Well, to be fair. They all love cars and when guys get together they’re going to talk about what they love.”It got me thinking: What do girls talk about when we get together? Oh yeah — we talk about our guys who only talk about cars.One of Mark’s car-loving friends compared a female conversation and a male conversation and concluded that they are exactly the same. Apparently, girls love discussing cars just as much as guys love discussing cars. All you have to do for us is swap out the word “car” for the word ...more

Toxic Relationships and Why You Should Leave

I am not ashamed to say that I have been in two relationships in my lifetime that were abusive. The first relationship didn’t last very long, but the second one lasted an entire year. The second relationship was an emotional roller coaster I tell you! I endured emotional abuse....more
I was married to someone who over the course of our twenty year marriage became an emotional ...more

Why you should join today

I was roughly 25 years old and found out my high school boyfriend and fiancé was cheating on me with a friend. I was lost and thought I would be alone forever. I was lucky enough to have an amazing sister that helped me through this hard time. After a few months and a quick rebound fling, she convinced me to join  I tend to be pretty introverted and work strange hour,  so meeting people was difficult for me. The website allowed me to connect with guys I would likely have never even met. ...more

Are You Dating Empty Calories?

It’s that time of year again. Many of us are starting to watch those calories a little more closely, the gym clothes are getting more wear, and swimsuit shopping is hovering over us like a big ol’ storm cloud. A cookie is no longer just a cookie-- it is an evil tool of seduction aimed at keeping us from fitting into our favorite sundresses. But empty calories can show up in other areas of our lives that have nothing to do with baked goods....more
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Dear Nice Guys Everywhere...I Was Wrong

Dear Nice Guys Everywhere, I Was Wrong...   ...more


When you’re dating down, you aren’t always aware that you are doing it. I came up with an inventory to help you identify some of the red flags on Stop dating down! If you are doing 4 or more of these things, chances are you are settling in your relationship. Once you realize this is a feature of your relationships, then you can see if this yields a pattern in your life....more