I'm an African American Woman, But I'm Also Muslim

To look at me you see a black woman. I’m not wearing any coverings, no hijab. My name although ethnically Arabic may or may not reflect my religious beliefs so most people do not know my religion until I tell them. I don’t pray five times a day but I do pray and during communal prayer services I am often brought to tears. Image Credit: Maks Karochkin, via Flickr...more
Ask Deedra Thank you for taking the time to read it. My mom wears full hijab and I am concerned ...more

What is God’s Plan for Me?

I am sure many of us have sat and pondered this at one time or another.  So what is God’s plan for me?  I feel lost, yet I am trying to grow stronger in my faith....more
I can't help but put my faith and trust in God. Even when you think your not, something happens ...more


 I am so excited that we are finally in December! I love this time of year, probably because the kids get so excited about the decorations and lights and of course the presents! One of the perks about being a parent is getting to be a kid again yourself. ...more

The Power of Belief

When I was 9 years old, I belonged to a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. As required, I gave 5 minute talks every so often, on topics based on their guidelines to make an example as to how one could create a way to  preach in a non-secular setting, such as during school lunch or while waiting at a bus stop. While I'd been giving these presentations since I was five, I had started writing them on my own around the age of six or seven. So on this day, when I was nine, after I gave my presentation and received the beautiful applause that I had been nurtured to live for, the elder gave his critique as was the norm. He told me, "as usual," I did an outstanding job, however, I was old enough to begin writing these talks on my own, without the help of my parents. I immediately voiced that I did when my own mother, sitting behind me, clamped her hand over my mouth....more

And Jesus Wept, NaBloPoMo, Day 9

 "And Jesus Wept" This wasn't going to be my blog post today, but when I got onto Facebook this morning, I saw this in the trending section... ...more

Me, Among Many Empty Pews

The greyness of that church, and the solitary man among the many empty pews could only remind me of one thing: the loneliness that religion has brought me at this point....more

October For Us


A Boy Broke My Heart

For the first time in a long time, a boy broke my heart*.  Like a lot of people, I was crushed when I read Pope Francis met with Kim Davis.  How did Pope Francis go from “who I am to judge?” to a private meeting with a woman who not only thinks she’s fit to judge, but also to take it upon herself to deny fellow Americans their legal rights?  There’s no shortage of people, Catholics and non Catholics alike, would have given anything for an audience with the Pope.  Good people who work tirelessly to create a better world, so why Kim Davis?  I ...more

A Non-Catholic's Love Of The Pope

I’m not Catholic. In fact I love being a Jew, love the path that I took to get here. But I love Pope Francis.  In fact, just watching him makes me not only renew my belief in G*D but actually feel that he is certainly and angelic man....more
Yep. I'm an atheist and I love him, too. ;)more

All Dogs Go to Heaven and That Other Thing Pope Francis Never Said

I've done it, you've done it--go ahead, admit it--forwarded a meme or an email that was so perfect, such a reflection of and corroboration of our personal views, only to find our later it was a pack of lies.  It's human nature to crave affirmation, and when such a beloved and respected person as Pope Francis is doing the affirming, that's REALLY affirming.But let's remember the famous words of Abraham Lincoln, y'all:...more
JackiePage Thanks for commenting! Yes, it IS exhausting!  But those of us who care about truth ...more