A Non-Catholic's Love Of The Pope

I’m not Catholic. In fact I love being a Jew, love the path that I took to get here. But I love Pope Francis.  In fact, just watching him makes me not only renew my belief in G*D but actually feel that he is certainly and angelic man....more
Yep. I'm an atheist and I love him, too. ;)more

All Dogs Go to Heaven and That Other Thing Pope Francis Never Said

I've done it, you've done it--go ahead, admit it--forwarded a meme or an email that was so perfect, such a reflection of and corroboration of our personal views, only to find our later it was a pack of lies.  It's human nature to crave affirmation, and when such a beloved and respected person as Pope Francis is doing the affirming, that's REALLY affirming.But let's remember the famous words of Abraham Lincoln, y'all:...more
JackiePage Thanks for commenting! Yes, it IS exhausting!  But those of us who care about truth ...more

My Parents Adopted 3 Teenagers & I Got Anxiety Pt. 1

And I Got Anxiety is a series covering my struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Follow along on my journey through the struggling times God used to bring glory to His Kingdom through my anxiety attacks, counseling, and more.  Yep, you read that correctly....more

Francis is my Pope

Pope Francis is my pope. I am Episcopalian and have no thoughts of converting to Roman Catholicism. But I wish to claim Pope Francis as my pope. You have to like a pope who lives in a small apartment and rides in a Ford Focus. He is reforming the Vatican Curia and getting finances under control. He likes to ride in the open popemobile and hugs crippled children. He says, "who am I to judge" gay people who love God....more

What Position Does God Have in Your Finances?

TheBudgetBrainiac ChuckWells It is an illusion that the life-blood of the Church is ...more

Understanding secular humanism better

I am not a religious person. I mean, I do believe there is a force for good. I don't have a name for it, but I know it's there. I have lots of religious friends, but organized religion isn't for me. I hate crowds, for one thing. Especially crowds that mutter the same thing at the same time....more

I don't need religion

“Are you a religious person?”“What religion are you?”...more

Oh ye of little faith

There are conversations that I have with my son that come easily to me: Stuff that we learn together about science, new vocabulary words, sex, what we use the Internet for and the different heroes in our lives....more

What's the Point?

I’ve heard a lot of discussion lately about the meaning of life.Why are we here?What’s the purpose of life?What are we here for?Some say there’s no rhyme or reason behind the why. There’s no purpose, no greater plan. It’s just an exercise in futility we must muddle through until we die.Others say the point is to be happy: Find our bliss, pursue our passions, die with a smile on our face.Some seem to think the key is in suffering. We suffer well here on earth, we’ll be rewarded richly in the next life....more