A Loop

What happens when your granny-nannies, for some reason or other, can’t take care of your offspring? You scramble to find last minute childcare. As every parent knows, this is not a fun experience.We were thrown for a loop last week when my dad hurt himself, forcing us to rethink our childcare situation. Fast.I started calling…and calling…and calling. Of course, all the places I really wanted to put P were all full and weren’t enrolling toddlers. And all the places I really really wanted to put P weren’t accepting kids until they reached 2.5 years or were potty trained....more

What's the Point?

For as long as I can remember the reasoning given to me by parents, teachers, and authority figures for anything they told me to do or any question I had was a variation of "The Bible says so" or "Jesus says so." I didn't grow up believing in hell, instead I believed in annihilationism. To a 6 year old, getting burned up and never existing while your mommy and daddy are in heaven is just as scary as hell. So, the entire purpose of my life was drilled into me very young--get to heaven! As a result, I never really realized you could be kind and compassionate because it was the moral thing....more

Anonymous Atheism

I live in the Bible Belt. Good old Nebraska--Home of the Huskers football team and...not much else. We have 270 churches in my city according to the Yellow Pages. There is every flavor of Christianity a girl could ask for, and probably a few more besides.Like most people around here I was raised to be a true believer. I grew up in an off-the-beaten path sort of denomination and very sheltered as a result. I was in my senior year of high school before I knew what an f-bomb was....more
Hey - I love your post and what a great idea for a blog!  As an Interfaith Everything I am also ...more

First amusement parks...then the world: the hijab mafia strikes again

Could a woman be strangled by her hijab, ala Isadora Duncan, who died in 1927 when the long fluttery scarf around her neck floated out of her convertible, tangled around a hubcap and snapped her neck?...more

Just Listen

My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful backpacking trip, where I was reminded of the simple tool of just listening.  When we’re backpacking listening is easier, without clocks or cell phones or anything we have to do except be there.  Sitting quietly surrounded by nature’s beauty is a perfect time to ask of divine intelligence, “What would you have me remember right now?”  We are always answered when we think to stop and ask.  I have had some wonderful conversations with God sitting on a log o...more

Why I Don’t Go To Women’s Conferences

I don’t go to many conferences these days. Well, I’m lying about that. I actually don’t go to any conferences. I especially don’t go to the conferences I’m expected to go to. You know the ones. You know. Don’t make me say it. I’ll spell it out for you. I’m a woman. I’m a Christian. Yes - those conferences.Christian women’s conferences....more

Being Ready

1 Thessalonians 4:17 says “Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord....more

Chant of Death: Interview with mystery writer and poet Diane Marquart Moore

“Chant of Death is a remarkable piece of storytelling: grounded in the real and the observable but connected as well to the magical and the ineffable. Diane Marquart Moore and Isabel Anders are rare intelligences in the world of mystery writers. They have woven a tale that is at once a traditional mystery with nods here and there to the best of the writers in the genre....more

See Diane Marquart Moore's latest release, Silence Never Betrays, ...more