A True Love Affair...

TRUE NATURE = HUMAN NATURE + MOTHER NATUREA simple conclusive relationship one would think. But is it? In most cases it is deeply misunderstood.Why?To understand Mother Nature, we must first understand our own Human Nature.  And do we?...more

12 Tips on Exploring Spirituality From Author Sharon Salzberg

For BlogHer's monthly series of 12 tips to help you Own Your Beauty, meditation student and author Sharon Salzberg takes on this month's theme: Spirituality. ...more
wonderful practicemore

What are Sundays about for me?

I love love love Sundays! A whole day to praise God, YES please!...more

Do you have the God gene?

When we say “I have it in the DNA” and we really mean it. (read more)From elenasc.wordpress.com...more

Maiden, Mother, Crone: My Body and My Spirituality

Loving, supportive friends are not unlike mothers in some ways, and by being a loving and supportive friend, you are mothering someone, and effectively learning how to treat yourself in the process. Mothering my children and being mothered by my friends has taught me how to mother myself, and that has helped me grow so that I can help others. ...more
I think I may still be in the maiden stage because I just get overwhelmed when I think about the ...more

Own Your Spirituality: An Open Mind is a Beautiful Thing

I should really subtitle this post "Spirituality for Dummies," because really, for most of my life, I have felt like a spiritual idiot. Religion -- what appeared to be the source of all spirituality -- was complex, contradictory, and confusing. ...more
Beautifully said....I love it!!!!more

What do you mean you don't drink Coffee- What would a Mormon in the White House really mean

 I love politics, and I not really sure where this love came from. However, I think it started because of a really great high school history teacher and a deep love for the TV show The West Wing....more

When It Is Hard To Pray

Do you want to pray or meditate, but find it hard to actually do it? I have heard so many reasons, and have used a few of them myself: It is hard to find the time. It is never quiet enough. I start, but then do not know what to say. It doesn't feel like God or the Universe is interested. My concerns are too small. My concerns are too large. Nothing can help. It is difficult to feel separated from a source that can help or comfort us. ...more

Praying can be difficult for many people because when we pray the enemy likes to distract us ...more

Debunking Email Forwards

They first appeared around 1997, when my email was xena@earthlink.net, and they've become more creatively outrageous every year. You get them too -- the carelessly forwarded email from your mom's friend, your arch-conservative brother-in-law or your late bloomer friend who checks her email bi-monthly: The Misinformed Email. These are the mindless forwards that beget Snopes and Hoax Slayer and I'm here to warn you, I absolutely live to debunk them. ...more
I was so happy to read this, I started researching the crazy things people re-post or forward a ...more

Cuz I Gotta Have Faith

Have you ever lost some...more