Charmed City

The spirituality in New Orleans is tangible.  You can literally reach out and touch the prayers and wishes and curses.  What's your persuasion?  Christian? Pagan? Voodoo?  Santeria?  Jewish? You won't have to look very far to find others who share your own beliefs and aren't afraid to invite you into their fellowship.I try to describe to people how the atmosphere in New Orleans is different, but I don't think you can truly understand until you are in the thick soup of prayer.  Being one of the oldest cities in America means that New Orleans has been the birthplace of many a call out to the Glorious Universe, and being one of the most spiritually diverse cities that I have come into contact, makes it feel as though all these prayers and passion are fighting with each other.  It ...more

I looked in the mirror and said, "One of us is lying to the other"

Today, I looked in the mirror and thought; "One of us is lying to the other". This girl in the mirror and I do not always get along. What I call laugh lines, she calls wrinkles. What I call curves, she calls fat....more

I Like My Kid Shows with a Large Side of Guilt

As I've mentioned before, I'm kind of religiously confused right now. Of course, I'm dealing with it in the mature way of ignoring it until I can't any longer. Very healthy.As such, I wouldn't normally introduce Veggie Tales into my home. But, Natalina fell in love with the cucumber on the cover at the library, and we brought it home with us. Since then, we've watched it a few times....more

Rapture, part 2, and a new church

So obviously, it didn't happen. All you had to do is take one look at Harold Camping's math and you'd know that this guy was coming out of left field with all of this. But hey, that's his gig, and if people want to trust him, that's their business. What makes me sad though is all the anti Christian stuff I've read leading up to all of this. The people who honestly believed that Saturday was their last day on Earth are just as short sighted as the people who assumed every Christian believed this guy, or every Christian is like Pat Robertson or John Hagee. Guess what? We're not....more

Our Son Desperately Wants to Go to Church

“Mommy, when are we going to church again?” It’s become a regular refrain from our oldest son. Sometimes he asks me. Sometimes he asks his daddy. On Easter Sunday, when we went to my parents’ church, he had a very serious conversation with my own father about how his mommy and daddy were still looking for a new church. I have a very heavy heart and a bit of parental guilt that we haven’t found one we like yet, but the truth remains: We haven’t found one we like yet. ...more
@springolife I actually love this idea of home church, or smle church! I am older and disabled, ...more

Rapture Day! Time to Celebrate with Mimosas and Chocolate!

As Rapture day quickly approaches and we all prepare for the final end of life as we know it! I've been I find preparing a few rapture day carols and some final day baking. I want to be ready for the party! However, if by chance that I don't get selected by our higher power and am forced to roast in the eternal fires of hell then at least I will have comfort in my two favorite things Mimosas and chocolate. I feel kinda nervous about this whole day...I mean it's like high school basketball all over again. What if I'm the last girl to get picked? Or, what if I don't get picked? ...more


Do you know why the King died?...more

The Incredible Lightness of Giving

I recently launched an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to help build a Safe House in Haiti for rape victims ( ) and immediately entered an energy dead zone. I won’t characterize the public response to my campaign as one of apathy or disinterest. Instead, I’ll say I think people are experiencing “donor fatigue” or a sorta of “charity burn-out”. This is reflected by the fact that I’ve been getting a steady number of visitors to my campaign site but no one has taken the next step—making a donation. ...more