Jess's amazing story of shame, running, and worthiness

I had the privilege of interviewing a handful of women who opened up and shared their stories with me on how Christianity has changed their lives. Before I move on to mormonism, I would like to share some of those stories with you. These ladies have given me permission to use their information and have allowed me to give them a voice to speak to the world about their relationship with God, for which I am very grateful. This is one of their stories, in her own words....more

Pressures on Single Christian Women

In society in general, an insurmountable amount of pressure is placed on women to get in relationships, fall in love and get married. This pressure can seem even greater in the Christian community. While marriage is a wonderful thing, some people in the church place an unnecessary amount of pressure on women to hurry up and settle down and get married, as if that is the only purpose of a Christian woman’s life....more

Loving, or Right? Loving AND Right?

There’s a new book floating around Evangelical circles, Rob Bell’s Love Wins. The gist of this book is that maybe it’s not all about theological correctness and saying "the prayer" before you die so you can escape hell and get into heaven. Maybe God is love. Maybe love wins. As you can imagine, people who are concerned about hell are concerned about this message. They don’t want people to burn for eternity. They want to know what is right and wrong, and they want to you to know it too. Because damn it, the consequences are dire. It's nice, really, given that world view. They just want to keep you safe. ...more

It sounds like Bell brings up a lot to think about...

Great post.

Grace Hwang ...more

A Thought on Happiness

This past year or two I've been thinking a lot about religion and spirituality. Matter of fact, lately I've been dreaming of listening in on a theoretic "end of the world" forum-of-world-thought. Well, I kind of just made that name up. But you get the idea. I want to sit down and listen to everyone who has a vision of all this massive change taking place worldwide and simply hear dialogue. It's the English major in me. I want all the colorful characters, the momentous stories. I want to line them all up, analyzing the similarities, looking for divergences....more


So I am going to love my enemies. I will pray for them. I will continue to be happily going on my way to reach out for them.   There are only two reactions I expect from the loving gesture I will show them; either it will make them love me back or it will piss them off. Either way, I will continue to love them.How do I love them when they had caused me so much pain and anguish? This is how we do it. Go to this MY STATEMENT: LOVE OR BE PISSED....more

Check out a Unique New Nonfiction Book Site: LiveTrue Books

I'm excited to announce my new book site: LiveTrue Books: NonFiction for Living True to Self & Our World! If you like non-fiction and will enjoy reading topics that relate to all the ways one can “live true” in life, you'll enjoy this site....more


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Pick Up Your Mat

It’s no secret that I am a Christian, child of God and a devout follower of the Lord. While I may not discuss my faith on a daily basis and don’t write long drawn out posts about scripture and sermons, it is—nonetheless—a very big part of who I am. God always speaks to me in the most seemingly mundane ways. He knows that I’m a person who is impacted and influenced most through words and sermons. That’s why I take notes in church. Seriously....more

Book Review: Peace Like a River

Such timing, this book entering my life, the landscape shifting and changing around me, just so. Come two more weeks into April, and I could not have abided a story with blizzards and below zero temperatures. Come one week earlier, and I would not have savored strong rivers and spring time like I do this day. ...more