Meet Manira - My World Vision Thoughts

I sponsor a child through World Vision.  Her name is Manira, and I love her.She lives with her parents, her brother, and her sister in a French speaking country in Africa (Score:  I can write to her in French!), and I’ve been sponsoring her for 5 years....more

Sex Toys for the Faithful

Lent, the solemn period of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus that is celebrated by many Christian denominations, kicked off yesterday. This six-week period invariably puts faith questions center-stage, and yet it always surprises me the number of people of faith who come to me for advice about their relationships. Despite the vaguest allusions to having been brought up Catholic, I also receive questions from Protestants, Jews, and Muslims on a regular basis....more
This is a TOTALLY FASCINATING ARTICLE!!!! Thank you for being so awesome and so connected and so ...more

On Giving Up Whatever it Takes

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. I'm generally not keen on announcing what I am giving up - or sometimes taking on - for Lent. In fact, this year I decided to give up nothing. In truth, I just wasn't feeling the whole season. I have the reading plan, I intended to go through the motions, but my heart wasn't even close to in it. ...more

Can you be a feminist wife?

 "Can you be a feminist wife?"...more
nopithyphrase  Thank you so much! And thanks for reading. My husband is a feminist too. So I'm ...more

Give Up the Promise--You Want the Promiser!

God has great plans for you. The Bible says so. I happen to believe the Bible is true.Have you ever felt like you KNEW what God’s plans for you were? Perhaps even that He had told you, vaguely at least, how He was going to use you?Grab your Bible, whichever translation you prefer, and take a look at what Abraham knew. Genesis 12:2-- God told Abram that he was going to make him into a great nation at the ripe ole age of 75.Genesis 12:7--but Abram had no descendant.Genesis 13:15-16--Still Abram had no descendants, only servants....more

Why Esquire's choice of Pope Francis as best-dressed gives your husband hope

Much to the shock -- and possible dismay -- of fashion editors everywhere, last week Esquire named Pope Francis as "Best Dressed Man of 2013."Max Berlinger in Esquire's Style section noted "Pope Francis' sartorial decisions have subtly signaled a new era (and for many, renewed hope) for the Catholic Church."...more

Pope Francis is TIME's Person of the Year: One Rusty Catholic's Thoughts

[Editor's Note: TIME Magazine named Pope Francis its 2013 Person of the Year for his message of compassion and healing in the church. Here's a letter that sums up one blogger's complicated relationship to the Catholic church and how Pope Francis might just be a step in the right direction. --Grace]...more
Love this.  Love your honesty.more

what's your reason for the season?

thinking about the christmas season – which is fully and completely upon us – yes, there’s officially no going back folks! i’ve been pondering what christmas really means to me, as a non-christ believer. i know this is a rocky topic and i hope i don’t drive any of you a way with this – but i felt that i needed to be honest and honesty and truth are one the of the things i’d like to show more of via my blog....more

The Key to Re-Encountering My Faith

My Sundays typically involve church.  Growing up Roman Catholic, church was a big part of my life. I felt God in the liturgy of the mass, the rituals of incense, candles, and music. As an adult I have found that going to church regularly refreshes my soul and keeps me connected to God, my community and my family. For the past several months, I have not been feeling quite the same about church....more