Why is My Kid Singing About a Dreidel and Seven Other Things You Wanted to Know About Chanukah But Were Afraid to Try and Spell

It happens that several people I know over the internet have expressed an interest in learning more about Chanukah.  There's a LOT to know out there, and I certainly don't claim to know much.  But here's a little bit about a little bit of it! ...more

Day 23 - Be Still

Lake Roosevelt, 10/2009 vb ...more

Has God given me wanderlust?

Today was pretty terrible. I have days where I'm fine, living here in the dark and the cold, and days where I'm just not. I want to strike out - adventure - live fully - breathe deeply of ocean air - see the countryside in England - meet a sheep - live in a village. Today I'm aching to travel and explore and see. Tonight as I sit on my bed, cross-legged, the computer in my lap, I'm still sad in my heart because I'm here, and I wonder: did God give me this wanderlust? Does He want me to get out there, explore, see, enjoy His creation?...more


Sundays used to be a day of great anticipation for me. Back in the day, you know, when I was a teenager and dating Mr. Houseful, it was the GUARANTEED day that I got to see him. In person. And we would find ways to hang out with each other in those precious four or five hours that we had out of the week. Yes. Five hours of church. I go to a black church. It’s our thing. You say something about it, I may get irritated even though I fully know that I have issues with being in church that long now that I am a parent and wife. C’est la vie. ...more

Not In My Name

This is not my usual post. I know that many of you come here for gardening tips or homeschooling support and I love that! I hope that, even though this is different it is a benefit to your spirit. I also hope that you will stick with me, regardless of your religious beliefs. Consider it a personal favor to hear me out....more

The 7 Most Badass Atheist Songs

Here are the 7 most badass atheist and/or humanist and/or gleefully irreverent songs.  The best is at the end, but first:...more
What about "Dear God" by XTC? Classic!more

Why Is It OK to Blast Religion Via TV & Facebook

I have always been interested in true crime and investigative stories, and was happy to see that ID had been added to the local channel lineup.  However, ID has quickly proven through its treatment of their Deadly Devotion series that they really don't 'investigate' at all, and their 'research' is biased for the sake of drama.  They use only whatever shallow information and whichever biased interviewees will give them the most venom.  And some of the scenes are literally staged for drama the way someone would stage a play in a dark theater.  How silly. ...more

Do You Expect Jesus to be Your Friend with Benefits?

I honestly don't really know how to open this post. I want to introduce this topic with a normal introduction, but I think I'll just skip the pleasantries and dive right in. I've been asking some hard questions about what I believe. Questions like: "WHY do I believe what I believe?" "Do I really know Jesus Christ or am I just going through the motions?" "Am I truly trusting Christ for my salvation or am I actually putting my faith in something else?" "Is Jesus enough for me?" ...more
I agree with you Sam. I just posted on my blog about really having a relationship with God who ...more

God And Religion

  Is God and Religion related? Do you have to be religious to worship God?  I believe in God and I follow Hinduism.  While the reason I follow Hinduism is because I was born to Hindu parents (one of them was a strong non-believer in God ), my belief in God has gone through quite a lot of on and off phases and finally I felt its okay to believe in God.  I totally accept the fact that its possible to live without believing in God.  ...more

I Believe...

 hereI ...more