Every little girl loves wearing pretty jewelry. They put on 7 or 8 plastic pink necklaces and clip-on heart shaped earrings....more

The Miracle of a Little Life that Almost Wasn't

This is the story of how my youngest child almost didn’t exist. He wouldn’t be here today if I had followed my doctor’s advice. She admitted she was wrong. I wonder how many other times she and her colleagues have made such a grievous error....more
Oh my gosh, I got chills reading your story. That is amazing. Absolutely amazing. And I LOVE ...more

Confessions of a Reluctant Minister

I’ve spent most of my adult life going back and forth between wanting to do ministry and running from it like the plague. I know the gifts that God has given me, teaching and loving and helping people in need, are designed for ministry. I know that because I inherited them from my mother, who is one of the most gifted ministers I have ever known.The reason I’ve run from them is because I’ve seen firsthand what it can be like for a woman in ministry....more
Thank you for your encouraging blog post. I struggle with issues of women in the church because ...more

Fired for Being Gay or Not Being Willing to Lie?

It happens with regularity: Another beloved, high-performing employee is fired because someone's discriminatory panties get in a twist. Today's example: After 19 years as a physical education teacher for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus, Carla Hale was fired last month after an anonymous parent complained to the school that she had listed her female partner's name in her mother's obituary. ...more
Where's the catholic in Catholic?more

What's Up Doc?

It was a horrible, near gut wrenching, burning pain.  I could barely control myself.  I had never felt something so horrible.  I didn't know whether to grab a back scratcher or a sledge hammer.  We're supposed to call on Jesus right?  Well, I wore that name OUT!  JESUS, LORD, HAVE MERCY!! ...more

Would You Teach Your Kids About a God You Don't Really Believe In?

I have said before that I am not religious. And by “Not Religious” I mean I cannot bring myself to attend a house of God without that bitter voice of doubt clouding every thought while the preacher is speaking. So I stopped going. Am I an Atheist? I'm not sure. I have wrestled with the thought of God since I was a teenager. But that doesn't stop me from teaching my children about God....more
I am a Christian, and I teach my triplets about God from the Christian perspective. And yes, I ...more

"Religious" doesn't mean Christianity

Several days ago another writer on GoodReads told me about what sounds like a great idea:  donate some of my books to a charity asking for them for a literacy program.   ...more
@like2read And here I thought this was the country of diversity, freedom, and the absence of ...more

Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah starts on Sunday night and ends on Monday at sundown.I haven’t taught the kids about the Holocaust yet.  Other than in the most general of terms – they know about WWII, and they know that Hitler and the Nazis were terrible, terrible people, and they did awful things to the Jews.  They even know that a lot of Jewish people died during the war, and that’s part of why Jews are such a minority....more

Generational Challenge: Handling Religious Differences

Recent news events have led me to wonder: what do you do when your values no longer mirror those of your parents? And how does that affect how you raise your children? Let me explain.I grew up as a holiday Methodist, meaning we went to church on major holidays and occasionally threw in another Sunday or two throughout the year. I went through confirmation classes as a teenager but never joined a church. After high school, I headed to college where many of my world views were solidified and I became increasingly agnostic. In the meantime, my parents became evangelical Christians....more
@marocmama Thanks! I love your line " at the end of the day, she's my mom and I'm her daughter. ...more

Oh, God! Why??

http://sunitachabra.blogspot.in/2012/12/oh-god-why.html?spref=bl ...more