Spiritual Sites and Travel

Meet one of our travel value all stars! No matter where you go, what you do, or why you travel, these features, attractions, or amenities will always offer you tremendous value; an excellent experience for your limited time and money.Houses of Worship...more

In Ethiopia, church bells ring for women and girls

Religious leaders in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church are raising awareness against violence against women and girls among their peers and in schools, while offering training for survivors. ...more

Not All Like That? Sure. That's What You Say.

 When I first heard about the NALT (Not All Like That) Christians Project producing videos from Christians who are not haters, I was very skeptical. So much that I ignored it. Yes,I had this niggling curiosity - I thought Dan Savage's chapter in his latest book "American Savage" about his mother and their tie to the Catholic Church was one of the best things he's ever written....more

5 Easy Ways to Create Visual Social Media Content for Your Church

http://www.unseminary.com/5-easy-ways-to-create-visual-social-media-content-for-your-church/ ...more

Money, Church & Shit

Rachel Rowell  @ saltedgrace.com...more

In Which I Confess That I Suck At Being A Christian

So, I haven't exactly been a model Christian lately.Whatever the heck that even means.I could literally list of all the reasons that I might have condemned even myself to the fast track to hell just a few short years ago.Let's see, just for starters...1. I haven't been to an actual church service in months.2. I honestly have no desire to be bound to traditional church structure. 3. I told someone they didn't have to go to church to find Jesus....more
I can relate so much to you honestly.  If you have a second to read my intro on my website under ...more

Dear Christian fundamentalists, neo-Nazis and homophobes:

       My transgender child is terribly, profoundly depressed. They shower in the dark so they don't have to see their body. They are sleeping round the clock and even worse, I'm of two minds about whether this is a bad thing. I mean, of course it is, they're missing out on life, but on the other hand, I know where they are.  More to the point, I know that they're safe, from themselves and from the ill deeds of others. ...more
Beautifully written. It is a mother's job to be strong and tough and brave in defense of our ...more


 Every little girl loves wearing pretty jewelry. They put on 7 or 8 plastic pink necklaces and clip-on heart shaped earrings....more

The Miracle of a Little Life that Almost Wasn't

This is the story of how my youngest child almost didn’t exist. He wouldn’t be here today if I had followed my doctor’s advice. She admitted she was wrong. I wonder how many other times she and her colleagues have made such a grievous error....more
Thnk u for ur testimony my faith is increased n i declare my pregnancy healthy! In JESUS name!more

Confessions of a Reluctant Minister

I’ve spent most of my adult life going back and forth between wanting to do ministry and running from it like the plague. I know the gifts that God has given me, teaching and loving and helping people in need, are designed for ministry. I know that because I inherited them from my mother, who is one of the most gifted ministers I have ever known.The reason I’ve run from them is because I’ve seen firsthand what it can be like for a woman in ministry....more
Thank you for your encouraging blog post. I struggle with issues of women in the church because ...more