"Religious" doesn't mean Christianity

Several days ago another writer on GoodReads told me about what sounds like a great idea:  donate some of my books to a charity asking for them for a literacy program.   ...more
@like2read And here I thought this was the country of diversity, freedom, and the absence of ...more

Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah starts on Sunday night and ends on Monday at sundown.I haven’t taught the kids about the Holocaust yet.  Other than in the most general of terms – they know about WWII, and they know that Hitler and the Nazis were terrible, terrible people, and they did awful things to the Jews.  They even know that a lot of Jewish people died during the war, and that’s part of why Jews are such a minority....more

Generational Challenge: Handling Religious Differences

Recent news events have led me to wonder: what do you do when your values no longer mirror those of your parents? And how does that affect how you raise your children? Let me explain.I grew up as a holiday Methodist, meaning we went to church on major holidays and occasionally threw in another Sunday or two throughout the year. I went through confirmation classes as a teenager but never joined a church. After high school, I headed to college where many of my world views were solidified and I became increasingly agnostic. In the meantime, my parents became evangelical Christians....more
@marocmama Thanks! I love your line " at the end of the day, she's my mom and I'm her daughter. ...more

Oh, God! Why??

http://sunitachabra.blogspot.in/2012/12/oh-god-why.html?spref=bl ...more

Experiencing Love in Holy Week

For the last two years on Good Friday, I published a post written after I attended the afternoon Good Friday services at my church. You can read that here. This year, I am unable to attend the afternoon services, but I will attend this evening's Tenebrae Service. A lovely, candlelit service where we wait for the mystery of the resurrection....more

When Love Is Just That

I am seriously kind of sick of the whole matter. I was scrolling through my personal FB page and was confronted with the religious right bashing an "issue", which should not even be an "issue": gay marriage. Let me start to say, I even dislike the term "gay marriage". Marriage is marriage. Period. It should not matter who the parties are, as long as they are consenting adults. It's called tolerance! ...more

Talking Religion with our Kindergartener

I have blogged before on how annoyed I am with Lily's kindergarten shoving religion down her throat. I know, I know, it's in the curriculum. But still, tell the kids the story and be done with it. Don't teach them the songs and don't tell them that this is the reason for celebration instead of one option some people (ok, approximately 1.3 billion people) celebrate these days. ...more
like2read  We are living in Germany. And the "in god we trust" was intruduced into America ...more

Keeping the Faith

WhereParentsTalk.com by Lianne Castelino  www.whereparentstalk.com I was thinking in the shower this morning --- as I often find this the best place to reflect --- about the fascinating process that will have millions on the edge of their seats over the next who knows how long? ...more

The Catholic Reflex

Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about religion and spirituality; particularly my lack thereof and consequent desire to regain some kind of spiritual fulfillment. I wouldn’t consider myself an atheist by any means but I definitely don’t consider myself affiliated with any institutionalized religion....more

Thinking Like A Cheating Man Is Useless

It's Apparent that the new genre of "Men Teaching Women How They Think" style of book publishing must be thought of as a growing and effective tool in relationship advice.  After the recent  release of Tyrese Gibson's and "Rev Run" Simmons's new collaboration: "Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed" and the inspirational Juggernaut "Act Like A lady, Think Like A Man  it's no doubt that women will probably be bombarded with a lot more of these self-proclaimed "insider secrets"... to understanding a man's mind....more