'Hating' God as a Form of Prayer?

I went to confession for the first time in five years on Saturday evening. This was about as vomit-inducing as it sounds. I kept praying to God, "I don't want to go. Do I have to go? I don't want to go! Say I don't have to go. You know you forgive me for all of the terrible shit I do anyway, so tell me I don't have to go." God said back to me (yes, God talks to me) (another post for another time? perhaps), "You don't have to go. But you should go."...more

Happy God = Chained to a Stove?

After two glorious days of not leaving my house, I thought it might be time for a test run back into society before I had to return to the real world and life’s responsibilities tomorrow.    If you’ve learned anything from this blog, you assumed correctly that I stayed as far away as possible from the madness of the retailers on Friday and Saturday.  I am much more of a Cyber Monday type of girl, where I can do my purchasing safely and on my own time.  I don’t like people in general, let alone half mad, sleep deprived people willing to claw, scratch and kick small c...more

On Faith

A few years ago, when we still lived on the east coast, Matt and I drove to Prince Edward Island for a long weekend. We booked a room in what was maybe the coziest bed and breakfast of all time, and in spite of the raw, grey November weather we were ridiculously excited by the chance to explore and get lost in a city that wasn’t our own....more
@Helen Holshouser Yeah, I am probably closer to being agnostic. I'm also interested to see what ...more


          I met an old friend this weekend.  This girl is my Mormon counterpart, the “what-if” version of a life spent inside Mormonism, rather than outside.  Our parents are long-time friends; we grew up in the same ward and attended the same school.  We were the minority Mormons in school, a fact that threw us together on a regular basis.  We were both blonde, straight-A students who went on to study biology in college.  Between early-morning seminary, our shared honors classes, and youth activities, sh...more


The HOLIDAYS are approaching. fast. I can hear them like an on-coming ambulance, careening down the highway full-bore. And I'm standing dead still in the middle of the road like a deer in the headlights. I am SO not ready. We celebrate it all around here: I am Jewish, though have been non-practicing for, well, all my life pretty much. I go to Temple about twice a year....more

In search of a secular education…

The Business Partner and I are currently thinking (fighting?) about things education-related for our little ones. Girl will be going into reception in September and despite the fact that he’s not even 2 yet we need to start making decisions about what to do with Boy when the time comes.  Having moved into a rental we are not sure where we are going to settle permanently so with the school decision comes, potentially, a house decision, which further complicates matters....more

Do You Read Scripture Like a Pharisee of Like Jesus?

Way back in college, I took a class on the history of religion in America. One day during a discussion about some Christian evangelist, one of the other students offered this criticism of the man’s work: “it’s like he’s actually trying to be like Jesus.” I sat there a bit bug-eyed. Can you imagine – a Christian who was actually trying to be like Jesus? Whatever could that evangelist have been thinking?...more

MD Question 6: Hailing Gay Marriage

Maryland voters will be voting on Question 6, to approve or reject the Civil Marriage Protection Act, which would allow same-sex couples to obtain a civil marriage license and protect clergy and religious institutions from having to perform any particular marriage ceremony in violation of their religious beliefs....more

"I'll Pray for You"

How often do we tell a friend that we will pray for them and then it slips our minds?  Do you, like me,  find yourself, in the midst of a task, when a friend comes to mind and you feel terrible that you haven’t remembered to pray for her during a time of suffering? Image: paul david (busy running!) via Flickr ...more
I recently tweeted a comment about this and it is so true.  One of the most impactful moments of ...more

It's the Prime Directive or Why God Allows Evil

Yesterday, I saw a blog post by an atheist asking, "If I had the power to save everyone at the theater in Colorado because I was all-powerful and all-knowing, and I didn't do it, wouldn't I be evil?" The old theodicy question - how do we explain a world of evil if God is all loving? It's a legitimate question. And one that we have a hard time answering well. So, I was thinking about that atheists' question last night while laying in bed....more
(As a christian); I have a nagging question...I understand why and how humans suffer, but I ...more