Keeping the Faith by Lianne Castelino I was thinking in the shower this morning --- as I often find this the best place to reflect --- about the fascinating process that will have millions on the edge of their seats over the next who knows how long? ...more

The Catholic Reflex

Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about religion and spirituality; particularly my lack thereof and consequent desire to regain some kind of spiritual fulfillment. I wouldn’t consider myself an atheist by any means but I definitely don’t consider myself affiliated with any institutionalized religion....more

Thinking Like A Cheating Man Is Useless

It's Apparent that the new genre of "Men Teaching Women How They Think" style of book publishing must be thought of as a growing and effective tool in relationship advice.  After the recent  release of Tyrese Gibson's and "Rev Run" Simmons's new collaboration: "Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed" and the inspirational Juggernaut "Act Like A lady, Think Like A Man  it's no doubt that women will probably be bombarded with a lot more of these self-proclaimed "insider secrets"... to understanding a man's mind....more

What Americans Can Learn from How Catholics Think

In November of 2011, Catholic church-goers had to pay a little more attention at Mass. The Liturgy of the Catholic Missal had been modified for the first time in forty years. A new Latin-based translation refined selected phrases, notably the switch from, “And also with You,” to, “And with Your Spirit.” Parishioners stumbled. Placards were referenced. Changes were accepted....more

Questions of Faith

Do you believe in God?...more
Hello there, MrsFox! I am so glad you are posting on BlogHer. What a lovely sharing of self ...more

Why I've Been Avoiding My Spiritual Community

For the past 10 years, I've been a part of a spiritual community that both nurtures and inspires me. I have been an active volunteer in this congregation. I have felt strong connections to the people there. I married my husband in the sanctuary. A few years ago when asked in a meditation workshop to close my eyes and think of a place where I belonged, it was the building where this congregation gathers that came into my mind.So why haven't I been there in several months? ...more
@j9nkidz Thanks for your comment. A couple of things were going on. 1) As I mentioned, I have ...more

A Gang Rape Ignites Protests Over India's Rape Culture

I was in church this morning with my parents and the pastor began to preach about society’s expectations and disapproval toward unwed mothers. Of course, he was talking about the Virgin Mary, who likely wasn’t a virgin -- but she was an unwed mother, and she was the scrutiny of her society. There are Biblical verses about Joseph considering breaking their betrothal because she was pregnant out of wedlock. Mary had to endure people writing her off as a woman who was suitable for marriage. She could have faced several punishments, including stoning to death. ...more
@threesdivine Thank you for this comment, that was very enlightening to me about some of the ...more

I'm a Believer -- So Are You

We disagree with one another a lot these days, but I think I've found three sentences we can all say, "Yes, that's true," to:...more


For you to understand my ideas you must first know:...more

I Only Really Remember I’m Religious at Christmastime

Religion and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. I used to be the type of person who believed unquestioningly and wholeheartedly in God. I took such utter joy out of being at church and worshipping. And then I met the other side of religion – her judgemental, hateful side – and realized that, well, I couldn’t afford to be unquestioning and joyful, because if this is what God really was, then why was I, a girl who was different and hated by his followers, choosing to align myself with Him?...more