Learning to Pray with Full Purpose of Heart

I have a confession to make:  I am not very good at praying.  While I grew up praying over meals, saying prayers in church, and saying prayers at bedtime, I just am not very consistent at meaningful prayers in my adult life. ...more
Such a reality !!! We remember God when we are in trouble. We forget to thank him in our good ...more

Your Self-Esteem is Tearing You Down

Turns out, self-esteem isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I recently read about a very interesting study, which compared self-esteem to self-compassion. Now, before you roll your eyes and call me a hippie, read the findings:...more

Celibacy was Not the Reason

I read an interesting article that got me thinking about what makes a wedding special. And, I have to tell you, it's not what this guy thinks....more

Facebook Boundaries

          I am Facebook friends with a lot of Mormons from my childhood and adolescent years.  Some of them - mostly peers from my teenage years - I befriended.  Others friended me - some of the requests were from people I hadn’t seen in years and so I found myself at a loss as to how specific I needed to be about my break with the Mormon Church.  Should I be up-front about the issue or should I just assume they either knew or didn’t care?...more
 @Champagne Tastes Thank you, Champagne.  :)more

The Book of Mormon Girl

I finally read The Book of Mormon Girl.  I’ve been meaning to for awhile now.  I think I was avoiding it because I knew it’d make me face some things.  I was right....more
I think when faith makes a transition to institution, we're all in trouble because everything ...more

You Want to Judge Me?

I was in the grocery store this morning with my 1 and 2 year old children, and I was TOTALLY judged by another woman. I am not going to tell you the details as they are not really pertinent to the act of the  judgement itself. Honestly, my first emotions were of embarrassment, hurt, and then arrow piercing fury. I immediately left the store without saying anything to the woman (which was a good thing at that point) and when I was putting my children back in their car seats Mary, mother of Jesus, popped in my mind. Pretty random huh?...more

Freedom of Spe- Hate?

Hate.  It is in our world and it’s not going away.  As a person who loves yellow, the sun, smiley faces, love, hugs, kisses, and other “Life is Good” ideas, the hate is getting to me, I mean, REALLY getting to me....more

Are We All Your People? A Look at the Wisconsin Shooting.

I am an American Sikh, however I wasn't going to write anything about the tragic shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin because I didn't think I had anything original or new to say. And I don't.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything that many of you have not already thought, and even put into words....more

Reverend James Nash warns Pastors against building large houses of worship fear it leads to greed

Many people know Rev. James Nash as the outspoken member of Ministers Against Crime in Houston and his extensive community outreach for the homeless orchestrated at his local church Greater St. Paul Missionary Baptist in Houston, Texas. Now he is speaking out about his discontent for Pastors who aspire to build mega churches as if God will not dwell  inside a small house of worship.Rev. James is referring to the case of Bishop David A. and First Lady Bridget Montgomery of Restoration Temple Church of God in Christ located in North Houston....more