Make a Resolution to Create More

While I’m not necessarily one for resolutions in the New Year, I do believe in making recommitments to myself. I am someone who came from a fairly humble and not-at-all-uncommon background. My father worked multiple jobs to support my mother and their four kids. While we were never without the necessities (food, water, dogs…dogs are a necessity in my book), we did often go without the most fashionable and up-to-date clothes.  This often meant improvising and DIYing my way through high school. I even made my own prom dress because we just couldn’t afford the dress I really wanted....more

Becoming More Intentional in 2017

In October, I start thinking about my ‘word of the year’. Last year, my word was ‘service’ that meant I worked hard to help friends, my family, my community and The Mister. I volunteered in the winter teaching children and adults with disabilities how to ski, I volunteered to help my aunt and uncle at any flower market they needed me at, we made meals for friends when they moved in or were sick, I gave money and food to the homeless. It was an awesome year that reminded me to think of others before myself. This year I’m changing gears, I’m thinking about myself again. I know, I know....more

New Year, New You: 5 Simple Steps to Successful Resolutions

Maybe at this point in your life you've given up on New Year's resolutions. After all, what is the fucking point? No matter how firm your resolve, how minor the commitment, you'll cave by February. Oh, who are we kidding? Whatever you're attempting won't make it through the first few days of your kid's tantrums as they return to school or those bleary early morning commutes. There's a reason we have bad habits we'd like to give up but can't. It's because they serve a purpose. That behavior you'd like to change offers you something you need, the comfort of consistency....more

New Year Trutholutions 2017

Instead of New Year’s resolutions we should just try trutholutions for 2017. I’ll start. It’ll be cathartic. *Coffee will continue to be a needed part of my morning routine. Green tea is not going to cut it.*I will continue yelling at my kids when I get frustrated and therefore I will continue feeling somewhat bad about my ability to control myself under pressure....more

New Year, New You: Why Now? Why Not!

I know you're not ready yet. You're still stuffing that "last" cookie into your mouth and convincing yourself that streaming Netflix for the 4th hour in a row is perfectly normal behavior. And that's okay. We all do it. The holidays are a time of indulgence, when we wallow in the comfort of our warm homes and the forgiveness of pajama pants. And then comes the New Year, thick with thoughts of resolutions and new beginnings. We step out of the shadow of that midnight chime with our good intentions, girded with resolve to transform into the best version of ourselves....more

My New Year's Resolution - Going Organic

I have an unusual confession to make. Every December 20th, I write a letter to Santa to fill him in on the brightest moments and biggest achievements that marked my year, in hopes I’ll finally find my stocking properly stuffed with presents on Christmas morning (without having to do the stuffing myself, that is). Although my efforts haven’t exactly produced tangible results until now, I have no intention of giving up just yet. As a matter of fact, I think I’ve come up with a trick that might just work this Christmas....more

It's Apples to Apples Except when You're a Pear

We’re well into the the new year and my resolution still stands. I’m not comparing. In fact, I said it out loud to myself when I found a beautiful arrangement of several types of perfect-looking homemade cookies wrapped in a big gold bow on our front porch.  ...more

Shine | My One Little Word Journey for 2015

Last year I choose the word Shine as my one little word.  I picked it as part of a class I was taking with Ali Edwards.  I only did layout for the project but it still became a part of my journey.  I often thought of my word in the back of my mind. It had weight in my life....more